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Political Science

What is Political Science?

Political Science is the study of government and politics. Governments are the political institutions that establish, administer and enforce the rules, regulations and programs within societies. They vary in structure, practice, levels of legitimacy and effectiveness. They exist at national, state, local and international levels.

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  Governing structures also exist in business and social organizations. Politics has been defined as “who gets what, when and how.” This definition at first reinforces the pejorative and negative views of those involved in politics. Those who correctly view politics as the necessary process in all societal groups in establishing how order, choices and liberties as well as requirements and restricted behaviors are regulated, reasonably conclude that politics is a necessary reality in all societies. Thus one can conclude that politics is involved and necessary in all governing bodies, including the fairest and most effective, as well as the most corrupt and least effective. Further political principles, concepts and processes are useful in better understanding and analyzing relationships and processes within all societal groups. Political principles and processes exist within families as well as work place organizations.

Why study Political Science?

Are you interested in American politics? International affairs? Critical issues such as health, the environment, civil rights? Theories concerning the ideal government and how power and resources are allocated in society? Do you want to study these subjects and pursue a career based on your interest? If so, you should consider studying political science.

Political science students can gain a versatile set of skills that can be applied in a wide range of exciting careers in federal, state and local governments; law; business; international organizations; nonprofit associations and organizations; campaign management and etc.

What Can You Do with Political Science major?

  • Campaign Worker
  • Events Planner
  • International Market Researcher
  • City Manager
  • Business Administrator
  • Diplomat
  • Executive Search Consultant
  • Editor
  • Executive Assistant
  • Journalist
  • Historical Archivist/Researcher
  • Social Worker
  • Financial Planner
  • Intelligence Agent
  • Political Correspondent
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Foreign Service Worker
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Opinion Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • Education/Teacher
  • Politician
  • Lobbyist/Organizer
  • Sales Manager
  • Political Consultant
  • Media Specialist
  • Public Relations Director
  • Human Rights Advocate
  • Urban Policy Planner
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Legal Investigator
  • Parole/Probation Officer
  • Strategic Planning Consultant
  • Lawyer/Paralegal
  • Congressional Research
  • Consumer Advocate



Book Icon Available Programs

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Associate of Arts
An Associate in Arts in Political Science degree exposes students to the political thought, processes, and behavior of governments, institutions, and organizations. The study of political science provides one with the concepts, theories and methods necessary to analyze problems scientifically. These tools serve as an underpinning for a level of civic engagement constructed around critical thinking and cultural literacy, and can be applied in a wide range of careers including government, law, business, international organizations, nonprofits, journalism, and teaching. As part of this degree program, students must complete the requirements of the Ohio Transfer 36 in order to graduate. View Full Program Details

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