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Education is More than Words and Numbers… Learn About a Culture
Our Black Studies program strives to provide you with personal, professional, and leadership skills to help prepare you for success in the world.

Why Black Studies?

Black Studies is a program designed for students who intend to use Black Studies to enhance their general knowledge or career in Social Work, Public Education, Urban Planning Management, Business Administration, Nursing, or any other field in which racial sensitivity is important.  The curriculum allows you build a strong liberal arts foundation and acquire a technical certificate —all while you choose from a variety of courses across multiple disciplines.

This area of study might be for you if:
  • You are interested in learning more about Black culture both in the United States and globally.
  • You enjoy learning about history, pychology, literature and and the way our world is shaped by different cultures.
  • You plan to transfer to a four-year university to further your liberal arts studies.

Since 1992, Sinclair began offering this Black studies emphasis (formerly known as Africana Studies). This program provides you with knowledge of Black cultures and helps diversify your educational growth. After completion, many graduates choose to transfer to a four-year college or university to further develop their academic experience and background.



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Short-term Technical Certificate
Designed for students who are planning on using Black Studies to enhance their careers in Social Work, Public Education, Urban Planning, etc. The student who pursues this Short-term Technical Certificate would plan to use this to supplement their professional development or to strengthen a major for which Black Studies is a strong base. View Full Program Details

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