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Auditions and Scholarships


Sinclair Community College is an open-door enrollment institution. There are no initial barriers to starting the music program.

  • After you have made successful application to Sinclair, you will meet with an Academic Advisor who will help you set up an audition on your instrument, including voice, for Sinclair's music faculty.
  • Students need to prepare to perform by playing or singing two contrasting selections or a single concerto movement with contrasting styles for their audition. Pianists, vocalist, and guitarists are asked to perform by memory. Your current teacher can help you choose what pieces to perform or you can refer to our list of representative repertoire for first year students. 
  • As a part of your audition, you will also take a brief assessment test of your music theory knowledge and your aural skills.
  • Auditions are held in August before the start of Fall Semester. For Fall 2024, the audition dates are August 15 and 16. Your Academic Advisor will schedule this with you during your initial meeting with them.
  • High school students have the opportunity to audition during the scholarship auditions held in the spring.


Sinclair's Music Department awards many tuition scholarships to music majors every year.

  • Auditions for high school seniors will be held on February 27, 2024 and April 23, 2024 beginning at 4:00 pm for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year. Please contact Sheri Fazzari via email or 937-512-4580 for information and to reserve your time. 
  • Auditions for current Sinclair music students are held in April of each year for the following academic year. Please be sure to work with your applied music instructor and contact the Music Department to schedule your audition.