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Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member

Phi Theta Kappa membership is by invitation only. In order to receive an invitation students must:

  • Complete twelve (12) credit hours at Sinclair
  • Have a cumulative GPA  of 3.5 or higher

There is a one time membership fee of $90. Invitations are sent via email during the first month of the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Once a student becomes a member they must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. 


Each semester Nu Pi hosts several orientations on the Dayton campus. During orientation Nu Pi officers give a small presentation about the Chapter and Phi Theta Kappa. These orientations provide eligible members the opportunity to interact with Nu pi Officers and members, as well as, ask any questions they may have.

For interested students that are unable to attend orientations we have a Potential Member Guide that contains basic information about the chapter.  

Induction Ceremony

The Nu Pi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa holds Induction Ceremony once each semester, excluding Summer. The Induction Ceremony is an opportunity to recognize and welcome new members. SOAR Scholarships and Star Awards are also presented.

Members that have joined during past semesters but were unable to participate in an induction ceremony are invited to participate. Current members are encourage to attend. Inductees are encouraged to invite friends and family.