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Student Clubs & Organizations

Sinclair Community College offers a variety of clubs and organizations on campus.  We strive to help students form clubs and organizations that meet their needs, passions, and interests.

Students in different clubs and organizations

Why Join a Club?

There are GREAT benefits to joining a club or organization.

  1. Networking:  By meeting new people and experiencing new opportunities, you will gain skills and tools necessary for success and marketability.
  2. Soft Skills:  Soft skills allow us to more effectively interact with others and grow our communication capabilities.  Essentially, by engaging with others in this environment, you are gaining emotional intelligence as you develop new relationships, ie. people skills. Great selling points in any interview!
  3. Leadership Skills: When learning how to engage with diverse groups of people and find ways to work towards a goal, you are building on your leadership opportunities.  Examples of leadership skills that enhance your marketability include (active listening, empathy, strategic thinking, creativity, ability to inspire and convince others, flexibility, ability to share clear messages with others, etc.)  Club and organization involvement can help you grow these skills to help reach your future goals.
  4. Gratifying: Yes, clubs and organizations can certainly help you to better define who you are and grow your marketability, but they can also be FUN!  They allow for an opportunity to take a break from your studies, build lasting friendships, make great college memories, and provide an outlet to participate in a passion or interest outside of work or school.

For more information how to join a club or organization visit the Sinclair Club and Organization page.