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Event Flyers

Student & Community Engagement is responsible for 17 bulletin boards at the Dayton Campus and will post event flyers for campus departments and chartered student clubs/organizations at their request. Departments/student groups will need to provide 25 printed copies of each flyer to be displayed. Extra copies are utilized to repost in the event a poster needs replaced.

All posters displayed must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The Sinclair department or student club/organization sponsoring the event, meeting or activity is clearly visible on the announcement with contact information.
  2. Outside agencies can only advertise when sponsored by a Sinclair department. The sponsoring department must have their name and contact information displayed on the announcement.
  3. All student clubs/organizations must have the following disclaimer printed on the announcement: The (club/organization name) is a student led club/organization organized in accordance with the guidelines of Sinclair’s Student & Community Engagement office. The views and opinions expressed by the student club/organization do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Sinclair College.
  4. Announcements must have a posting end date printed on the flyer. The posting end date will be used as an expiration date and indicates when the announcement should be taken down. Please note that announcements with no end day will only be posted for one month.
  5. All announcements are approved by Student & Community Engagement prior to being posted.

Please call Student & Community Engagement at 937-512-2509 with any questions.