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Sinclair Talks

Sinclair Talks are a variety of workshops, seminars, interactive sessions, dialogues, and service learning opportunities that are focused on enriching the student experience through a variety of academic resources, career exploration, diversity dialogues, financial opportunities, leadership training, interpersonal development, peer discussions, and more.

Why attend a Sinclair Talks event?

Attendees can gain a wealth of knowledge and resources by attending sessions on a variety of topics in relation to life, love, relationships, school, work, careers, financial opportunities, leadership, skills development, coping strategies, and more.  Some sessions can be in relation to a current course topic.

How can you attend a Sinclair Talks session?

Most Sinclair Talks sessions are provided with both virtual and in-person access. Please note that some sessions may be specifically one or the other, depending on the topic. Be sure to check the Sinclair Talks calendar to determine the accessibility of the sessions being provided.

Who can facilitate a Sinclair Talks session?

Sinclair Talks sessions are open to all Sinclair College faculty, staff, administration AND students.  Community members are welcome to co-facilitate with a Sinclair College representative.  To get started, individuals will need to complete a Sinclair Talks proposal.  Once proposals are reviewed, applicants will be notified if their topic has been selected for the upcoming academic semester.  Have an idea? Feel free to submit your proposal for an upcoming Sinclair Talk session.

Sinclair Talks

If you would like to print or save a copy of the Sinclair Talks schedule for the semester, feel free to download your PDF today