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CCP Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started in CCP at Sinclair

+  How do public school students participate in CCP at Sinclair?

If you attend a public school and have never participated in CCP before, you'll need to meet with your high school guidance counselor to submit an Intent to Participate form. 

You will also need to complete the Sinclair ONLINE application at Create an account, enter your information, and submit your application to Sinclair. 

You will either submit a completed School Authorization form, or Sinclair will contact your high school to get an approval for you to participate. Once your application has been submitted, Sinclair request information from your school guidance counselor;  online via your school or using a printed form. If a paper form is needed, it will be sent to you in your Application Submitted email. When this information has been received, your application will be sent for processing.

Once your application is processed, your Tartan ID and Sinclair username will be assigned. We'll send you an Application Processed email, as well as a letter via regular mail, that will detail your next steps--which includes the state required Mature Content Questionnaire and how to participate in the CCP New Student Orientation.

More information is available on the CCP home page and in the CCP Information Handbook. 

+  How do private schooled and homeschooled students participate in CCP at Sinclair?

The process to participate is a little different for nonpublic and homeschool students. Students will need to complete the ONLINE Sinclair application at Create an account, enter your information, and submit your application to Sinclair.  Once your application has been submitted, Sinclair will need information from your school guidance counselor, or parent if you are a homeschool student. This will be done online via your school or by a paper form. If a paper form is needed, it will be sent to you in your Application Submitted email. When this information has been received, your application will be sent for processing.

Once your application is processed, your Tartan ID and Sinclair username will be assigned. We'll send you an Application Processed email, as well as a letter via regular mail, that will detail your next steps--which includes completion of the state required the CCP Mature Content Questionnaire, and how to participate in the CCP New Student Orientation.

In addition to the Sinclair ONLINE application, private and homeschool students must complete the State of Ohio Funding Application to submit the Intent to Participate form and apply for funding to pay for their CCP tuition. The application is due by April 1st of each year. For more specific information, please read the State of Ohio CCP Application Funding Manual and learn how to create an OH|ID.

More information is available on the CCP home page and in the CCP Information Handbook.

+  Are new CCP students required to participate in a CCP Student Orientation Session?

Yes. All new CCP students will participate in a CCP New Student Orientation Session prior to the start of their first semester.

CCP students taking courses online or at a Sinclair campus will receive information to attend an in-person or online orientation session.  

+  How do I get my own Tartan ID card as a CCP student?

You can get your own Tartan ID card by visiting the Registration and Student Records office in the Welcome Center in Building 10 at the downtown Dayton Campus. The Registration and Student Records office is open Monday through Thursday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, and Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm.

To get a Tartan ID card at one of Sinclair's regional locations, call the Information Desk at 937-512-3000.
+  Once I've signed up for my CCP classes at Sinclair, am I responsible for buying the required textbooks for my course(s)?

Public & some non-public school student book costs are covered by their respective high schools. If you attend a non-public school, please check with your school for this information.

Homeschool students are responsible for their own book costs.

Please note: Ordering of all REQUIRED books may begin 10 days before the start of the term. Books purchased by the students’ high schools are property of the high school and must be returned to the high school at the end of the semester. Students may be responsible for lost or damaged books.

+  How do I receive my textbooks for CCP courses taught at my high school?

Students taking courses held on their high school campus will receive their books from their high school.

+  Will Sinclair provide general use supplies for CCP classes?

General use supplies (notebooks, pens, calculators, and other items) are not provided by Sinclair. 

+  How will Sinclair communicate with me during the application and admissions process?

The Sinclair CCP Office will communicate with you primarily via email, at first using the personal email address you provide on your online CCP Application, and then with your assigned email address.

It is very important that you provide us with a correct email address, and that you check your email regularly to receive communications from Sinclair. Students can also contact the CCP Office directly at 937-512-5188  and

+  How do I register for CCP courses at Sinclair?

Students may register online via their my.sinclair account or in person at any Sinclair campus or learning center for classes held online or on a Sinclair campus. Students taking courses that will be held at their high school will register via their high school guidance counselor.

 Visit our Registration page for more information on how to register online.

+  Are there deadlines I need to know to participate in CCP at Sinclair?
  • By April 1: Submit State of Ohio Required CCP Intent to Participate to high school
  • May 1: Sinclair CCP Application for Fall Deadline
  • June 15: Sinclair CCP Testing and Eligibility Deadline

Visit our Registration Calendar to view Sinclair College Registration Periods.

Remember: CCP students are college students. You will need to plan around Sinclair's academic calendar and keep up with all assignments and due dates, regardless of when your high school is in session.

+  As a CCP student, who can help me choose my courses?

Current CCP students are encouraged to connect with a Sinclair Academic Advisor by logging in via their my.sinclair portal or using the online appointment tool to schedule an appointment. 

+  How many credit hours can I take each year with CCP?

Students can take a maximum of 30 credit hours per academic year of CCP credits.  This amount also includes credits of high school courses taken at your high school.  Please see your high school guidance counselor for the total CCP credits available. 

The academic year begins with the Summer semester and includes Summer, Fall and Spring semesters.
+  Can I take courses during the summer?

YES! CCP students may take courses taken during the summer term. The summer term will apply as the first term of the next school year. Please note: Sinclair’s summer semester may begin while your high school is still in session.

Student Life at Sinclair

+  Where do CCP students park, and how much does it cost?

Free student parking is available at all Sinclair locations. Visit our Parking Information page to see maps of parking lots and garages at Sinclair's downtown Dayton location, and other Sinclair campuses

+  Do CCP students have access to Sinclair's student services?

Yes. CCP students are Sinclair students, and can take advantage of ALL student services, including academic advising and accessibility.

+  Can CCP students eat in the cafeteria?

Yes. The Tartan Marketplace at the Dayton campus is in the basement of Building 7, and it's open Monday - Friday 7:30am to 2:30pm. There is also a Snack Shoppe on the 4th floor of Building 13 that is open Monday through Thursday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. 

Questions Parents Ask

+  Will my CCP student be safe on Sinclair's campus?

Sinclair's Department of Public Safety is dedicated to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students. Sinclair Police are on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays, offering services such as:

  • Security escorts as requested to all campus locations and garages
  • Emergency telephones in all buildings to provide easy access to Sinclair Police
  • Electronic alarm systems and Closed Circuit Television Surveillance throughout the campus and parking areas
+ How do I know if CCP is a good fit for my child?)

CCP courses are college-level courses, so your child will need to be self-motivated and ready for the faster pace of college. College courses require students spend more time studying challenging materials and completing assigned readings and submitting homework on time. Students need to be proactive and communicate any questions or issues with their instructors in a timely manner. They also must be socially and mentally ready to handle the mature content that will be studied and discussed in some classes.

If this describes your child, then CCP will provide them with the opportunity to earn high school and college credits at the same time.

+  Are CCP course materials edited for underage students?

CCP courses are college-level courses, and course content is not edited for students under 18. Topics covered in certain subject areas could be complex, controversial, sensitive, and/or graphic.

"The subject matter of a course enrolled in under the college credit plus program may include mature subject matter or materials, including those of a graphic, explicit, violent, or sexual nature, that will not be modified based upon college credit plus enrollee participation regardless of where course instruction occurs." - From

Any CCP student interested in reviewing any course materials prior to enrolling in a course please email

+  How do I find out how my child is doing in their CCP courses?
The Federal Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) gives students certain privacy rights. Their student education records and personally identifiable information cannot be released to anyone outside the college without students' written consent (with a few exceptions that are permitted by law). CCP students must sign a form allowing Sinclair faculty and staff to communicate with you as their parent regarding their progress. Contact the CCP Office for more information at 937-512-5188 and
+  Can CCP students receive accommodations at Sinclair if they receive them in high school?

Colleges are governed by different Federal laws than high schools, so the answer is "maybe". For example, in high school, students may receive an accommodation to retake a test, but in college, students must complete a test once they've started and are not permitted to retest. The Sinclair Accessibility Services department can work with you in determining what accommodations will be available in the college environment. 

Additional Information

+  What do I do with my textbooks after I complete my CCP courses?

Textbooks for CCP courses obtained from your high school are the property of your school. These textbooks MUST be returned to the high school unless your high school’s administration tells you otherwise. Please contact your high school administration for deadlines and the book return process.

Homeschool students purchase their own books, so those textbooks are yours to keep.

+  Does Sinclair send a mid-term grade to CCP students?

No. Sinclair does not send out mid-term grades. If you are a student wanting to know your grade, you must contact the instructor or professor.

+  What happens if my Sinclair GPA falls below a 2.0?

CCP students are held to the same grading and GPA standards as any Sinclair College student, which means that CCP students are subject to Academic Intervention, Probation and Dismissal policies as all students. Please carefully review Sinclair’s Grade Policies

+  What are "restricted" courses?

Students must take courses considered as Level I courses for the first 15 credit hours of CCP credits.  These are courses that are part of the Ohio Transfer Module, C-Tag and other courses that are part of a certificate or degree.  A full list of Level I courses can be found on the CCP Eligibility section (add hyperlink) of the website.

College Credit Plus Regulations stipulate which courses do not qualify for CCP funding. Courses that are not allowed are:

  • One-on-one private instruction courses
  • Courses with high fees
  • Study abroad courses
  • Physical education courses
  • Pass/Fail or S/U grade courses unless an internship or transferable course
  • Remedial courses
  • Sectarian religion courses
+  Can I retake a Sinclair CCP course to get a higher grade?

No. CCP students cannot retake a Sinclair course that was previously taken and passed with a D or higher.

+  What happens if I fail a course or withdraw after the 14 day withdraw date?

Students who receive an F or a W on a course may be responsible for reimbursing their high school for the course tuition. Please contact your high school guidance counselor for more information.

+  Can I drop a CCP course?

Yes, but if you want to withdraw from a course, you have two important deadlines to be aware of:

  • CCP Students have 14 calendar days after courses begin to withdraw from a course without any record or penalty.
  • After the 14 day withdraw period has passed students may withdraw before the Withdraw Deadline and receive a “W” on their transcript.  Students may also be required to reimburse the school districts for the cost of the course, so please see your high school counselor for more information. 
  • After the Drop Deadline, students who withdraw from a course will receive a grade of “F” on their college and high school transcript. 
  • Students who receive a W may retake the course using CCP funds.
+  I was going to use a homework help website, but was told that is considered “cheating”. Is that true?

Academic Integrity is a crucial part of your education. Learning how to work independently and complete assignments on time prepares you for working in the real world. Any time a student acquires or shares information in a way that gives them an unfair advantage is considered cheating—so if you copy content online or in print and present it as your own work, that is cheating.

Many “homework help” sites share the content of tests and copies of completed assignments—this is not only cheating, but violates the copyright on course materials.

You can find detailed information on this topic in Sinclair’s Academic Integrity Policy as well as procedures our faculty will follow when a student is caught cheating.

Cheating is never necessary to complete your assignments. If you need help on an assignment and have a question about what is and isn’t cheating, please contact your high school teacher or Sinclair instructor for assistance. Sinclair also offers free Tutoring and Learning Services.

+  Does Sinclair provide tutoring services for CCP students?

YES! Students who need assistance have free access to homework help and quality tutors for over 200 courses. Tutors are available for virtual (Zoom) and on-campus (face-to-face) sessions. You can receive help with Math assignments, and even submit a paper for review.   

+  I've heard that I can graduate college and high school at the same time. Is that true?

YES! It is possible to obtain an associate degree while still in high school. At the conclusion of the 2020-2021 academic year, 69 CCP students graduated from Sinclair before they graduated from high school. For information about how to create an education pathway so you can meet your education goals, contact your high school guidance counselor or Sinclair advisor.

+ Can I participate in Sinclair's graduation ceremony?

YES! CCP Students can attend the Sinclair graduation ceremony as long as you meet graduation requirements.  Contact your Sinclair Academic Advisor for more information.

Sinclair also hosts a CCP Graduation specifically for high school students who have completed their college education through the CCP program. Contact the CCP office at for more information.

Need a checklist? Use the "How Do I. . .?" chart as a quick reference.