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Tutoring and Learning Center



To ensure all students can meet with a tutor, we ask that you only sign up for 1 or 2 appointments per class per week.  If you feel like you need to meet with the tutor for additional time, please contact our front desk at 937-512-2792 or email to discuss additional options.

Depending on the course you are signing up for, you may be limited in your self-scheduling. 


Welcome to the TLC


The mission of the Tutoring and Learning Center is to empower students to achieve academic success through quality tutoring.

Our Services

The Tutoring and Learning Center at Sinclair provides access to quality tutors in both virtual (Zoom) and on-campus (face-to-face) settings.  We offer tutoring in over 200 courses, and all our services are free to currently enrolled Sinclair students.  Each tutoring session is scheduled for a one-hour block of time.  Below is information about how you can connect with our department.

TLC Math

Math Lab

Schedule an appointment with a tutor for a MAT course.
Writing Lab photo

Writing Lab

 Submit your paper to receive written feedback from a tutor.

Image of biosis lab models


  Find information regarding biology tutoring and BIOSIS.
Subjective Image showing map to reach a Tutor on Camps

Campus Tutoring

Schedule an ON-CAMPUS tutoring appointment at the Dayton campus.
Virtual Tutoring image

Virtual Tutoring

Schedule a VIRTUAL tutoring appointment to meet with a Sinclair tutor through Zoom.

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