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How to Register, Drop or Add sections

Online Registration

Note: Students on probation, dismissal, or with other restrictions will not be able to register for classes online. These students should consult an academic advisor for more information.

The option to audit courses is not available online; this must be done in person during the Late Registration period.

In-Person Registration

Prior to registration please refer to the Online Schedule Planner for available class sections for the current term.

Students may register in person at the Dayton campus with the help of the Welcome Center team on the first floor of building 10.  Please bring photo identification so that you may pick up your schedule and fee bill.

Registration is also available at the Sinclair locations in CentervilleEnglewood, Huber Heights, Mason and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Please contact each location for specific hours of operation.

Note: Students wishing to audit a course must register for the course in person during the Late Registration period. Consult the Academic Calendar for current registration dates and deadlines.

Add/Drop Sections

Once a student has registered for courses, he or she may make changes to the schedule through the Late Registration period of each term as listed on the Academic Calendar. The student may:

  • Use the my.sinclair portal to drop classes online. To add courses follow the How to links above. Courses may be added using my.sinclair through the Late Registration period. Courses may be dropped on my.sinclair until the withdraw dates listed for each term on the Academic Calendar.
  • Present a completed Add/Drop Form in person at the Office of Registration & Student Records, the Englewood, Huber Heights, Mason or Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Sinclair location during normal business hours and within the appropriate add/drop periods listed on the Academic Calendar.

At the end of the Late Registration period, the student will need written authorization from the appropriate academic division to add any additional classes or to change sections of a class. Students may continue to add courses that have not yet met. In certain circumstances it may be possible to add a course that has already met; the student must see an academic advisor in the Academic Advising Center in Building 10, Room 301.

Changing Sections of a Course

Following the deadline to drop/add a course until the end of the last day to withdraw from a course with a grade of W, a student may request to change to any section of the same course.  Acceptable reasons for changing sections may include class conflict with work schedule, childcare, transportation, or health issues.

To change to a different course section the student must:

  • First discuss their situation with the instructor teaching the course section in which the student is currently enrolled to determine if accommodations can be made.
  • Speak with the appropriate department chair for assistance with changing course sections, if the instructor does not believe a reasonable accommodation can be made.
  • Present a letter from their employer verifying a work schedule change, or other official documentation regarding qualifying reasons, to the appropriate academic department chair for approval.

If the change is approved, the student will forward the approval form, with the department chair's signature, to the Registration and Student Records office.

Important Financial Aid Information: Some courses are not considered eligible in the determination of your Federal financial aid. Examples include courses that are not required for your academic program of study, certain developmental math classes, and courses that violate the college’s financial aid repeat coursework policy. Please consult an Academic Advisor or the Financial Aid & Scholarships office if you have questions.
Important Information about Life and Health Sciences Programs: The Life and Health Sciences (LHS) Programs consist of open enrollment (general education and division specific courses) and program specific courses with limited enrollment. The open enrollment courses may be taken prior to entry into the limited enrollment courses. To qualify for entry to limited enrollment courses, please see the program specific information packet located on each LHS program's webpage.