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Geography Career Information

What do you learn and experience in the first year?

In the first and second semester, students are encouraged to take the Human and Physical Geography courses.  In addition, if students are interested in completing their GIS Certificate, they are encouraged to take the necessary course work including: Introduction to GIS and Cartography.

  • The geographic perspective
  • Critical thinking
  • A holistic knowledge of the world
  • Map reading skills and understanding the importance of maps in solving real world issues
  • Global awareness

What do you learn and experience the second year?

In the third and fourth semester, students are encouraged to take the World Regional Geography course along with the Geography of the Middle East. 

What other opportunities and experiences does Geography offer?

GIS Certificate

The Geography Department now offers a one-year certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  This certificate provides students with skills in geospatial technologies and equips them with the ability to transition in to an entry-level job or transfer to a four-year university.

Global Studies

Global Studies

Many of the sociology faculty are engaged in global studies. In the past ten years, the department has sponsored ten trips to the U.S. Mexican Border and two trips to Guatemala. Several courses including Social Problems, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Global Poverty are global in their focus.   Courses in the department are part of the newly approved Global Studies Certificate and the Global Scholars program. For more information contact Kathy Rowell (Global Studies Director) at 512-3203 and read more on the Global Studies website:

Transfer opportunities (OTM & Transfer courses)

Most geography courses are part of the Ohio Transfer Module and therefore transferable to all four-year institutions within the state of Ohio.

What career and salary opportunities will be open to me with an Associate’s Degree in Geography?

With an associate degree in geography when combined with GIS skills, students will have an opportunity to work as surveyors, GIS technicians, and other jobs. It is however, strongly recommended that students continue their education in a four year institution to earn a bachelor and preferably a master’s degree.

What career and salary opportunities will be open to me with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography?

Many geographers have positions that do not contain the words “geography” or “geographer.” Some employers are unfamiliar with geography as a discipline, it is essential that you recognize and articulate the skills that you have acquired and honed through your background and training in geography. Examples include thinking spatially, comprehending the complexities of nature–society relationships, and thinking holistically. Examples of career opportunities for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography degree:

Bachelor's Degree Career Opportunities
  • Geological Assistant
  • Development Analyst
  • Country or Rural Planner
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Cartographer
  • Recycling Manager
  • Weather Analyst

For more information on careers and salaries view the following websites: