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Course Design

The Course Design team is dedicated to crafting exceptional learning experiences by embodying core principles of user interface and user experience (UI/UX) to design clean, consistent, high-quality courses. 

Instructional Designers work with subject matter experts to provide students with cutting-edge, industry-relevant knowledge and skills. Through innovation, user-centricity, and continuous improvement, course design operates in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment to ensure Sinclair sustains its online presence. 

Course Design Process

At Sinclair, faculty developers and the Course Design team work hand-in-hand to create and enhance online, blended, and competency-based courses. This collaborative effort is a cornerstone of the commitment to detailed planning, high-quality standards, adherence to compliance, and a pursuit of continuous improvement. The goal of course design is to offer students the best learning experience possible.

Sinclair faculty members looking to embark on a course development or revision project should submit the eLearning Curriculum Development/Revision Application. This dynamic form can be found in Forms Central > eLearning > Curriculum Development/Revision Application. 


eLearn Hub

The eLearn Hub (requires Sinclair login) is a comprehensive community shell designed to empower faculty and staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to utilize Sinclair's learning management system (LMS) for communication, productivity, and teaching and learning. 

The Instructional Design and Technology team is responsible for managing and maintaining the content, ensuring it incorporates the latest LMS updates and functionality.

The eLearn Hub has several key components:

  1. eLearn Monthly Updates
    Communication about LMS updates impacting Sinclair's eLearn functionality.
  2. eLearning Division News
    Communication about online tools, technology, and compliance.
  3. eLearning Support and Contact Information
    Who to contact for help with eLearn.
  4. Preparing Your Course Each Term Instructions
    Modality-specific instructions to prepare eLearning courses for the term.
  5. Level 1 Training
    Teaching shell preparation and the tools needed to teach within eLearn.
  6. Level 2 Training
    Advanced tools to enhance the learning experience in eLearn.
  7. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training
    Enhanced course design and delivery practices with DEI elements.
  8. Course Developer Training (CDT)
    Required yearly training for faculty developers collaborating with eLearning to develop or revise course content.
  9. Course Coordinator Resources and Training
    Access to a repository of resources and guides for updates on coordinating courses from term to term.

Upon completing the training components in the eLearn Hub, participants will receive a digital certificate to demonstrate their expertise in the eLearn technology.


To reach the Assistant Director of Course Design contact Brenda McKinley at

Check out eLearn Helps for answers to common questions about eLearning.