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Sinclair College

Permanent African Art Exhibit

Permanent African Art Exhibit

 Located in the Library near Building 1 and Building 7.

This collection was donated to Sinclair by Campus Architect Peter Capone in 1979. At the time, Mr. Capone was president of Edward Durrell Stone and Associates, architects of the Sinclair campus. The collection consists of 29 pieces representing 12 West African kingdoms from the countries now called Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Mali, and Nigeria. The exhibit was dedicated in 1982, reinstalled in its current exhibition cases in 1998, and moved to its present location in the Library in 2007. 

Cote d' Ivore - Senufo


Kpelie mask representing female spirits.

Nigeria - Yoruba

head dress

"House of the Head" in the form of a basket-like container.

Burkina Faso - Mossi


Elephant mask of iron, leather, and cowries.


Cameroon Grassfields - Bamum


Iron sword with wooden handle and leather scabbard with dyed sash.

Nigeria - Yoruba

door post

Door panel carved by Sakiwa the Younger of Lapai, Nigeria.

On October 23, 1998 the African Art was officially rededicated in the Library. Speakers included John Moore, Dr. Ned Sifferlen (at podium), Bing Davis, and Cindy Tiedemann and Scott Hayes (who cleaned and remounted the art and are pictured at the right).

gallery photo