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Sinclair College

Zone VI Photography Gallery

The Zone VI Gallery was initiated by Professor Emeritus, Richard E. Jurus, and features the regular exhibition of Photography student work. This space also features work from the annual Faculty Exhibition in the fall as well as Student work during the Fine Art Student Exhibition and the Graduation Portfolio Exhibition in the spring.

Current Artist:

Samuel Smith

Art 1162 – Black and White Darkroom Photography II

Photo by Samuel Smith

Artist Statement:
Portraits of my friend, Destiny Davis, using a technique called combination printing.

­This body of work is about perceiving the self. 

Past Artists:

Megan Courtaway

Art 1162 – Black and White Darkroom Photography II

Photo by Annabelle White

Artist Statement:
Hello, my name is Megan Courtaway and you are looking at my Black and White Photography 2 portfolio. My inspiration for this was, of course, the fall, spooky Halloween season. So, I grabbed a bunch of girls I work with and used my daughter and some of the others I use to babysit as models for my witch-themed photoshoot. After this was done and I started working on a theme for my portfolio and came up with using Kool-Aid to tone my images. I got the idea from another photographer in my class after she used black cherry soda to tone one of hers. So, I looked into some different coloring ideas and Kool-Aid came to mine along with coffee and Dr. Pepper. In the photos you will see where I used the colors and didn’t use them. For instance, where there is no color I used rubber cement, and that made the color not absorb into the paper. On one photo I used red and purple Kool-Aid and painted them on my kids in the picture. Then once they dried, I put rubber cement on them and toned the rest of the image with coffee. So here is my witch-themed portfolio toned with Kool-Aid.

Ke Xu

Photo by Annabelle White

Artist Statement:
The theme of my project is inspired by one of my favorite movies, Stalker. The forest as shown in the movie really captures an isolating and mysterious ambiance of a post-apocalyptic environment in a way I feel is beautiful. For me, the movie portrays a great relationship between humans and nature. I went to multiple local forests to shoot my pictures. I hope my pictures can transfer you some of the same emotions I found within Stalker.

Annabelle White

Photo by Annabelle White

Artist Statement:
The very idea of nostalgia is rooted in vagueness. A vague feeling, memory, or long forgotten history. The idea for Frog and Toad initially came from stuffed animals in a used bookstore and has now multiplied into a vague feeling of happiness as you view these photos. Frog and Toad have meant a great deal to me ever since I was a child, and I hope I can share that emotion through these photos.

Samuel Smith

Artist Statement:


“What a life is ours! Doesn’t anybody in the world anymore want to get up in the middle of the night and sing?”      -Upstream, Mary Oliver-

This collection of work reflects the influence Poet Mary Oliver had on me growing up in the suburbs of Ohio. My sister, Sunnie, and I take photos on a hot summer day north of Dayton, 2022.

Marissa Nunez

Photo by Marissa Nunez

Artist Statement:
As life always does, I have been through challenges in life that have brought me f­ull circle back into photography. Out of high school, I had a scholarship for photography, but I joined the United States Army Reserve instead. After getting out of the Army and starting a family, I realized my passion for photography was still deeply rooted within me. Having children woke that sleeping giant within. “Hands” was inspired by my children; their innocence and growth inspired me to capture images of their hands, as they are their most used tool in their young lives. The sense of feeling life in their hands is so important, and I feel that documenting that was deeply significant to me. I plan on continuing to document my children’s growth through my photography.

Mihir Patel

Photo by Mihir Patel

Artist Statement:
The beauty of simplicity is not only how attractive something is when you look at it but the deeper meaning such simple things can have, like my photographs here. They may look simple and you may be attracted to some of them based off of how they look, but if you take the time to look at the photographs, you will find a deeper meaning of the images and each image has a deeper and different meaning to each person that views them. When I was looking at these photographs, I found a deeper meaning for me and that is how I named them. So the deeper meaning behind each photo no matter how simple they may look is the true beauty of simplicity.

Bret Klassen

Photo by Bret Klassen

Artist Statement:
Our society has changed and continues to change in large, amazing ways. We have electric, self-driving cars, ability for everyone to produce their own movies and overnight goods delivery. I chose to look through still-life juxtaposition of old and new, at the small, mundane changes that we take for granted yet make such a difference in daily living. Just looking at how we store things that are important to us such as medicine, music, and food, highlights how much our lives have changed without the fanfare of something like a new drone package delivery service. Change and wonder does not have to grandiose to be valued. If we take the time to look at the simple things around us, we develop a new appreciation for how we have improved our lives and truly live in a time of wonder.

Avery Miller

Photo by Avery MillerArtist Statement:
Before taking this Black and White Darkroom Photography class, I never cared for one medium more than another: I just loved the catharsis I felt when creating, the power to use my negative emotions/feelings and turn them into something beautiful, something that I can put out into the world with hopes that it may resonate with others as well.

Unlike other mediums where each brushstroke needed to be perfect, film photography is all about capturing the beauty of a moment and having no idea what the end product will be. Not having to worry about every detail during the creation process takes away a lot of stress my perfectionist self tends to feel when creating in other mediums. I love the freedom that the developing and editing process allows and all the happy accidents that come with it.

My final project explores the nonlinear, imperfect journey of self-love in a time when social media rules our lives and further perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards. My work emphasizes that the journey to self-love is inherently neutral in that there will be both good and bad days concerning how we view ourselves, especially in comparison to the extreme and unnatural amount of media we consume daily. Days where we look in the mirror and see an unrecognizable blur in place of ourselves and days where we can see ourselves clearly. Our relationship with ourselves is something that’s constantly evolving. It’s a natural process—so if you are struggling, know you are not alone.

Kelyn McCoy

Photo by Kelyn McCoyArtist Statement:
Growing up in the backwoods of Texas, my childhood was spent outside. The dirt trails winding between the giant oaks and sycamores along the creek were more home to me than any paved sidewalk would ever be. As I grew up, the wonder of childhood was replaced with a thirst for knowledge and understanding of the natural world, which still enchants and amazes me today. This sense of awe is something I have lovingly nurtured in my own children. Adeline, Marilyn, and Jillian, pictured here at ages five, three, and seven months respectively, spend much less time outdoors than I did at their ages mostly due to lack of opportunity.

My husband and I make it a priority to take them out for hikes and explorations as much as possible, frequenting local nature reserves for small expeditions like this one at Glen Helen Nature Reserve in Yellow Springs, Ohio. These photos capture the girls’ wonder and awe as they learn through play, careening down the trails to see what might be around the bend, and sharing a few quiet moments of rest. As I look at my daughters immortalized here in back and white, crouching to look at an insect or flower, standing tall to breathe in the cool mist of falling water, my heart breathes a deep sign of relief knowing they too will have this to carry with them; the memory of these days of wonder, spent beneath the trees with each other.

Aliyah Bing

Photo by Aliyah BingArtist Statement:
My name is Aliyah Bing, and these photos are a part of my final portfolio for my class, Black & White Photography. The photos were created around this theme: the imaginary can be as real as reality. You can assume a lot of daydreaming and dissociation from these images. Many of the ideas for my photographs came from an attempt at visualizing a collection of poems I had written this past winter. My common method was taking a normal photo, and then using overlays of cardstock or tracing paper to add “imaginary” elements.


Amy Grantonic

Photo by Amy GrantonicArtist Statement:
For my ART 1162 final portfolio, I chose to focus on studio portraiture as my theme. To set up each shot, I had the model stand in front of a plain black background and used two soft box lights, one in front of the model and one to the side. I positioned the lights in this way so that the model would be well-lit without any harsh shadows. The portfolio was shot on 35mm black and white film and printed in the darkroom on fiber-based paper. After printing, I used selenium toner which brought out the rich, dark tones in the photographs. Once the toning process was complete, the photos were dry mounted for presentation.

Megan Courtaway

Photo by Megan CourtawayArtist Statement:
Hello, my name is Megan Courtaway and these photos I chose for my portfolio deals with creative motion. When I chose my idea, I wanted to be able to capture my kids playing, not fulling understanding what creative motion meant at first. As I began taking pictures for this, I loved watching my kids running and playing in the leaves, celebrating fall and the cool weather. It was amazing to see how fast he camera could capture the kids playing but also gave the pictures a spooky feeling because the kids' motion blurred pretty well. Mainly in my photos are my children and a friend's twin boys playing at the park. This was a lot of fun to do with my kids because they could just play naturally and have a good time while the pictures were being done. Thank you for looking at the pictures and I hope you enjoyed them.