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REACH Across Dayton

Realizing Ethnic Awareness and Cultural Heritage Across Dayton

REACH Across Dayton seeks to promote learning in the arts and humanities by creating an atmosphere that builds respect, knowledge, appreciation, and understanding for this area's diverse cultural populations.

It provides educators with ideas and suggestions that can be used in the classroom to incorporate multicultural understanding into their lesson plans. The areas of fine arts, communication, film, theater, dance, music, and social issues will be explored.

REACH is a collaborative program between Sinclair Community College, EboNia Gallery and the Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC). Derek Petrey, Coordinator

For REACH Across Dayton program and conference information, contact:

Chris Welch
REACH Across Dayton Project Coordinator
REACH Across Dayton, Sinclair Community College
444 West Third Street
Dayton, OH 45402-1460
Location:  Sinclair Community College, Building 19, Room 103


To promote cross-cultural understanding and education between the African American, Appalachian, Latino, Native American, and all other ethnic communities in the Miami Valley area.  Reach provides an integrated exploration of the similarities and the diversities of these cultures, by studying the arts and humanities, beliefs and traditions of these groups.


To celebrate our African American, Appalachian, Latino, Native American, and all other ethnic communities and the rich commonalities they share.


Because we believe...

  • Understanding who we are enhances our quality of life.
  • Understanding the culture of others adds to a community's well-being.
  • That which unites us is greater than that which divides us.
  • Sharing cultures has deep intrinsic and economic values which deeply influence the social fabric of the Miami Valley area.
  • That open discussion, study, and communication can lead to understanding.
  • That growth and renewal can be fostered by the arts and humanities.
  • That objects have value, and we need to treasure the objects that represent our heritage (songs, stories, quilts, carvings, etc.)
  • That exploring the common cultural heritage of our past is vital to our future.