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Proficiency Exams

Proficiency Exams are available for many Sinclair classes, including some design courses. Please go to the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) page for further information on policies and procedures and talk to your academic advisor regarding eligibility and next steps.

Tech Prep students should contact the Tech Prep Office at 937-512-5146 for fee requirements.

Written Essay Requirement

In addition to all PLA proficiency testing requirements, the Design Department requires you submit with your paperwork a written essay (approximately 1000 words) as to why you believe that you can proficiency from the course. Specifically address the course objectives as outlined within the master syllabi. Give detailed examples.

Proficiency Course Criteria

The following courses are available for proficiency testing through the Design Department:

VIS 1100 Design Foundations – 4.0 Credit Hours
Introduction to the fundamentals of two dimensional and three dimensional designs. Student will apply critical and creative thinking techniques to applied projects that will explore the use of conceptualization, color, typography, image, modeling, and applying the fundamentals of design.
VIS 1100 Proficiency Test Criteria

VIS 1110 Design Drawing – 4.0 Credit Hours
Introduction to design drawing techniques as applied to visual communications, including stylization, perspective, shading, and rendering.
VIS 1110 Proficiency Test Criteria

VIS 1140 Design Processes – 4.0 Credit Hours
Introduction to the design development process, including hand sketching, creation of thumbnails, computer illustration, imaging, photo manipulation, page layout and composition techniques using industry-based software.
VIS 1140 Proficiency Test Criteria

VIS 1250 Print Production – 4.0 Credit Hours
This course will provide the fundamentals of the various printing processes. It will include digital prepress techniques used to prepare layouts for the different processes used in the industry.
VIS 1250 Proficiency Test Criteria

Course competencies may be reviewed by clicking here.

To start the process of course proficiency testing, please meet with your academic advisor.