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The Sinclair Community College Art Department offers a range of high quality courses in Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Photography, Printmaking, Art History, and Visual Literacy as well as a variety of online course options. No matter how you choose to express yourself in the visual arts, the Art program at Sinclair Community College will help you achieve your goals as you grow as an artist! 

Why major in Art?

Whether you plan to major in Art and transfer to a degree program at a four-year institution or simply wish to enroll in courses for personal enrichment, the Art Department at Sinclair Community College is a great place to begin!

Art Department faculty are well-trained professionals with active exhibition and publication records. All tenured/tenure track studio faculty hold terminal M.F.A. degrees. Art History faculty hold M.A. or related degrees. Adjunct faculty are high caliber, dedicated individuals committed to student-centered learning. Most adjunct faculty hold M.F.A. or M.A. degrees and many have specialized expertise in their disciplines.

The A.A., Art degree program is a university parallel program that includes Ohio Transfer 36. Sinclair Community College is accredited by the The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Ohio Transfer 36 guarantess the transfer of applicable credits among Ohio's public colleges and universities and equitable treatment in the application of credits to admissions and degree.

Ohio Transfer 36 provides an Approved Courses Reporting System that allows students to identify courses that are guaranteed to transfer and apply toward related general education subject areas at Ohio's public colleges and universities.

In addition to the A.A. degree program in Art, the Art Department also offers a certificate program in Fine Art Photography and a short-term program in Drawing.

Three rotating galleries with a regular exhibition schedule on the Sinclair Community College campus provide students and the public with visual stimulation and inspiration.

Department Mission Statement

The Art Department strives to provide students with high quality educational experiences in the Visual Arts with a focus on Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics, Art History, and Visual Literacy courses. The Art Department's curriculum stresses technical competence, a broad knowledge of art history, an understanding of artistic styles.



Book Icon Available Programs

For program specific information click on the program below:

Associate of Arts
The Art university parallel program is oriented toward students who intend to transfer to a four-year college or university. The Art curriculum challenges students' creative thinking abilities with its studio and art history courses. As part of this degree program, students must complete the requirements of the Ohio Transfer 36 in order to graduate. View Full Program Details
Short-term Technical Certificate

This short-term certificate provides basic proficiency in freehand drawing. The student will draw with a variety of materials including charcoal, pastel and ink. The student will be able to render three-dimensional items on a two-dimensional surface and will be able to demonstrate proficiency in value, contour and perspective. This certificate will provide the student with a broad range of styles and historic sources for his or her work, whether the individual is a graphic designer or freelance illustrator.

View Full Program Details
This short-term certificate is designed for the serious photographer or student desiring a job in the photographic studio/photographic processing industry. The certificate ensures proficiency in composing a good photograph in the studio or field and developing and printing photographs in black and white and color. The student will learn studio technique and how to operate both manual 35 mm and digital cameras. Basic computer imaging techniques will also be covered. The completion of the certificate will ensure the student has a well rounded knowledge of photographic technique and applications. View Full Program Details

Scholarships for Art Majors (Studio & Art History) 

The Art Department is pleased to offer scholarships to its majors during the academic year. Please contact the Art Department at 937-512-5381 if you have questions regarding scholarship criteria and/or the application process.

  1. Burnell R. Roberts Portfolio Scholarship
  2. Olga Botezat Scholarship for Fine Arts Majors
  3. Art Department Scholarship

APPLICATION CRITERIA - To qualify for scholarship consideration, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an officially declared Art major. 
  • Students may earn up to 3 scholarship awards during their program of study.
  • Have successfully completed at least 12 hours of course work that include at least 2 studio courses for Art majors and 2 Art History courses for students focusing on Art History Studies.
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA.


  • Complete a scholarship application.
  • Provide a 1-page typewritten statement discussing your artwork and goals (Ex: What do you ultimately want to accomplish in terms of your career? What educational activities will help you achieve those goals?).
  • Agree to maintain a minimum of 9 credit hours of enrollment for the semester in which funds are used.

APPLICATION - Applicants must choose ONE area of emphasis:

  • Studio finalists must participate in a portfolio review with the Art Department Chairperson and faculty.
  • Art History students must submit 2 research papers (take-home test essays are acceptable) with their initial application; if selected to participate as a finalist, they must present a 5 –10-minute art history presentation to the Art Department Chairperson and faculty.
  • Student applicants will complete a scholarship application by the specified submission date. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Scholarship applications are accepted each Fall and Spring semesters as determined by the Art Department.


  • Applications are reviewed by the Art Department Chairperson and all full-time  faculty. Students receiving a majority approval will be invited to participate in a formal portfolio review.
  • Finalists will present their portfolios for review by the Art Department Chairperson and all full-time faculty. Finalists will be asked to discuss their goals in terms of their work, future educational goals, and career aspirations.
  • Scholarship awards will be based on 3/4 majority approval. Award recipients will receive notification letters from the Art Department Chairperson.
  • Scholarships will be awareded based on students' performance and faculty approval.


  • Scholarship awards may be used for tuition, general fees, books and/or supplies.

Scholarship invitation letters and applications are available beginning the second week of the term. If you are a declared Art major who meets the aforementioned criteria and you did not receive a letter inviting you to apply for a scholarship, please contact the Art Department at 937-512-5381, Building 13, Room 201.

Once awarded, scholarships will be payable effective the following term during the academic year.


Sinclair Community College has been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design since 2002.


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