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Confidentiality and Confidential Assistance for Victims or Complainants

The College will preserve student’s and employee’s confidentiality to the extent possible and allowed by law. The degree to which confidentiality can be protected, however, depends upon whether or not the individual to whom the sex-based offense is reported is required by law to report this information to law enforcement. Confidential reporters may include licensed counselors and other medical or health care providers.

Students will be clearly informed by any College employee if a confidential medical/health care professional relationship is being established.

No College employee has the authority to establish a confidential medical/health care professional relationship with any other College employee or with any person other than a student who has been specifically informed such a relationship is being established.

  1. Information received in connection with the filing, investigation, and resolution of allegations will be treated as confidential except to the extent it is necessary to disclose information in the course of the investigation, for the purposes of addressing conduct or practices that may violate the policy, or when required to do so by law. All persons involved in the process should observe the same standard of discretion and respect for the privacy of persons involved in the process.
  2. If the complaint contains sufficiently detailed information about conduct that may constitute a crime, the matter will be reported to the Sinclair Police Department.
  3. Pursuant to the Clery Act and the 2013 Amendments to the Violence Against Women Act, the Sinclair Title IX Coordinator will share anonymous statistical information regarding reported criminal incidents with Sinclair Department of Public Safety for inclusion in the Daily Crime Log. The College may also share aggregate and non-personally identifiable data about reports, outcomes, and sanctions as permitted or required by law.
  4. All College proceedings are conducted in accordance with the requirements of Title IX, the Clery Act, the Violence Against Women Act, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), state and local law, and College policy. No information, including the identity of the parties, will be released from such proceedings except as required or permitted by law or College policy.