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Frequently Asked Questions

College Credit Plus

+ Are my accommodations for classes good for the whole year like my IEP??

No, a student needs to contact their Accessibility Services Counselor each semester, if they need accommodations for classes.

+ If I receive accommodations on the placement test, am I registered with Accessibility Services?

Only if you requested and completed the intake with an Accessibility Counselor.

+ Can I request accommodations from the instructor without requesting with Accessibility Services?

Instructors are not required to provide any accommodations to a student unless they have a Self-identification letter from the Accessibility Services Counselor with approved accommodations for the course.

+ Why can't my Intervention Specialist just provide my IEP accommodations?

Colleges are held responsible to different Federal laws than high schools. This is why you may realize some accommodations from high school are not considered "reasonable" in the college environment.