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What Locker Room policies should I know?
  1. Your activity fee includes:
    1. basket and lock,
    2. soap and towel. Complete Locker Room utilization policies available upon request.
  2. Lockers may be used only while using the PAC (excluding the Equipment Room).
  3. Everyone must stop at the basket area prior to using the Locker Room. Guests will be issued a guest basket and pass. Student may not bring guests.
  4. You must have a valid Sinclair Tartan Card to utilize the Locker Room and PAC.
  5. No personal locks may be used.
  6. No food, drink or tobacco products allowed in the PAC (excluding the Equipment Room).
  7. When leaving the Locker Room area, place the basket with lock attached on the counter, and place your towel on your basket. You are responsible for basket, lock and towel.
  8. All items left in basket must fit completely inside the basket. Equipment and/or supplies cannot be stored behind the counter area.
  9. Withdrawal from an activity class means immediate termination of Locker room privileges unless a PAC pass ($5.00) has been purchased through the Equipment Room.
  10. Regardless of the number of activity classes you are taking, you are entitled to only one basket!
  11. Baskets may not be shared.
  12. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  13. Children and non-students are not allowed to accompany you to class or share your PAC privileges.
Do thefts occur in our Locker Rooms?

Unfortunately, thefts do occasionally occur in our Locker Rooms due primarily to negligence. The most common causes are as follows:

  • Lockers left unlocked and unattended.
  • Combinations left in plain sight.
  • Using lockers in the most secluded parts of the Locker Room.
  • Not using issued locks and baskets.

Please make sure your locker is secure before leaving the Locker Room. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

How may I obtain additional information about using the PAC?

Additional information may be obtained by contacting:

PAC website: contains details of ours of operation and activities.

When are the different areas in the PAC open?

During the first week of the semester, a schedule listing open times for the various areas will be posted in the PAC as well as on Sinclair's Web site. The schedules will be available on the PAC website the second week of the semester.

What does the activity fee cover?

The activity fee entitles the student/faculty/staff to a basket and lock for the entire semester, as well as soap and towel service while using the Locker Rooms in the PAC.

Do I need my Tartan card to use the PAC?

Yes. A VALID Sinclair Tartan Card must be presented to the student attendants working in the Equipment Room. Carry the Tartan Card at all times since it is required in all activity areas and locker rooms.

If I forget my Tartan card may I still use the PAC?

Yes. You must see the PAC supervisor on duty and they may issue a one day pass. Ask any student attendant to direct you to a PAC supervisor in the Equipment Room (Building 8, Room 017).

May I bring a guest to use the PAC?

Unfortunately, with an enrollment of approximately 20,000 students, we do not allow students to bring guests at this time. Any faculty or staff holding a valid Tartan I.D. Card is entitled to free guest passes for their immediate family members residing with the pass holder. They may bring a guest, other than family members, with a limit of (six) six per semester. All guest passes are issued in the Equipment Room. Faculty and staff who take an activity class do not receive guest privileges unless they pay an additional $10.00 fee.

Who may use the PAC?
  1. Any current student enrolled in a PED activity class. Check in the Equipment Room, Building 8, Room 017 for details.
  2. Any currently enrolled student not taking a PED activity class but who has paid a $5.00 activity fee in the Equipment Room.
  3. Any current Faculty or Staff (full or part time) who has paid a $10.00 activity fee in the Equipment Room.