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Healthy Campus Initiative

Let's Get Well!

The Physical Activity Center is excited to announce Healthy Campus Initiative, which will offer a new programming addition. The non-credit activity courses (6000 series) will be targeted towards our traditional Audit participants (student, faculty, staff, and Lifelong Learners). These new courses will be listed in the normal course listing.

Classes will be either led by an instructor or staffed by someone from the department. There will also be the opportunity to purchase a Class Pass which will allow the individual to attend classes on a drop-in basis where capacity has not been maxed. A ten class pass will cost $25.00. We believe this will provide everyone with the best of both worlds, attending classes with an instructor, as well as having open workout time.

Stay tuned for future Healthy Campus additions as we continue to make the right choice the easy choice!

  • Started Fall 2015
  • Non-Credit 6000 Series Classes: Typical Registration Fee is $25. Registration available thru normal registration process. Class does not qualify for Financial Aid funding.
  • Class Pass: Option to workout on a ‘drop in’ basis to any non-credit class (6000 series) ONLY, space available. Class Pass 10 punch card available to purchase for $25 online or in person. Available to all registered PAC users and enrolled PED class participants.
  • Additional Open Hours: Access is included for PED class (1000 or 6000 series) participants. Students, faculty and staff NOT enrolled in a PED activity class (1000 or 6000 series) will need to pay a semester activity fee online or in person.
  • Tennis court rental: Rental is available during posted hours. All individuals need to be registered PAC users.
  • Need more information: Stop by the Physical Activity Center office in Building 8, Room 8023 or the Equipment Room Building 8, Room 017.
  • Classes added Spring 2017: Beginning Pickleball, Golf and Indoor Group Cycling are added to the Non Credit 6000 series of classes. 
  • Classes added Spring 2018: Latin Club Dance added to the Non Credit 6000 series of classes.
  • NEW PAC Membership Sales:  Membership sales will use the following process:
    • Online Payment Using Credit Cards - Students, faculty and staff will be able to pay for PAC Memberships and Class Passes by VISA or MasterCard Credit or Debit thru the Bursar's Non Tuition Payments website.
    • After the student, faculty or staff has paid for their membership or class pass, they will bring their receipt to the Equipment Room and complete an Assumption of Risk Form and the PAC Enrollment Form. We will process as normal.
  • Stay tuned for additional exciting updates!