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Student Clubs

The list of clubs is subject to change.

A Culturally Educated Sisterhood (ACES) Instills in its members unity, pride and respect for themselves, the college and the community.  

Bollywood Dance Club The purpose of the BDC shall be to foster the spirit of Indian culture among students, faculty, and staff at Sinclair College. Promoting awareness and appreciation of Indian dance forms, such as Bhangra, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, or Bollywood style dancing.

Brite Signal Alliance Committed to promoting equality and raising awareness about diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity including challenges faced by the LGBTQA community. The student club offers support, education, and fun while promoting greater diversity awareness and change in the College and local community.

Tartan Gamers Helps fellow students not only connect with each other over the common ground of video games, but also to create a healthy competitive place for those interested in e-Sports.

The Chess Club The purpose of the Chess Club is to create a warm, and welcoming space for anyone to come by and play some chess. Whether they are chess masters or have not heard of chess before, we will invite all to challenge not only themselves but their opponents as well. 

The YES! Club (Young Entrepreneurs of Sinclair) The purpose of the Young Entrepreneur Club shall be to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among students, faculty, and staff at Sinclair College.