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Private Student Loans

Private education loans are non-federal loans available to borrowers for postsecondary education expenses. These loans may be provided through the educational institution the student attends or through a private educational lender.

Students are encouraged to apply for federal loans and grants by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The terms and conditions (interest rates, grace period, etc…) of federal student loans may be more favorable than the provisions of a private loan. Additionally, there are various institutional and external scholarships for which students may apply. Visit Sinclair’s Scholarship Webpage for more information.

Visit Sinclair's FASTChoice for a list of private education loan lenders most used by Sinclair students.

The Charles E. Schell Foundation Student Loan Program

The Charles E. Schell Foundation (Fifth Third Bank Trustee) Educational Assistance Loan provides limited, interest-free student loan funding to qualified students. Interested students should review the criteria on the application and meet with a Financial Aid & Scholarships Officer to determine eligibility.