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Consortium Agreement

Financial Aid Consortium Agreement

A Financial Aid Consortium Agreement is a contract between a student, a home school (the school from which the student plans to graduate) and a visiting school (the school the student would like to “visit” and transfer credits back to their home school for degree/certificate completion). This agreement allows the home school to award and disburse the financial aid for a specific enrollment period (such as a term, like Fall or Spring) to help pay for costs incurred while enrolled at a visiting school.

Financial Aid Consortium Agreements are typically useful when a student is only loan eligible, and the combined credit hours at the home and host schools, allow the student to become aid eligible. It is also useful for a student who is a grant or scholarship recipient, who is enrolled less than full-time at the home school, but the combined credit hours at the home school and host school, put the student at full-time enrollment status. If a student is already full-time at Sinclair Community College (12 or more credit hours), this agreement is not necessary and will not be processed.

Sinclair students can take a class at another college or university if:

  • The course is not offered at Sinclair Community College during the current term
  • The course is required for the degree program the student is currently pursuing
  • The student is studying abroad and taking courses required for the current degree program 

For more information, please review the Consortium Agreement Instructions and full agreement available at Financial Aid Forms.

Students who are planning to take courses using Sinclair as the host school, should speak to a Financial Aid staff member at their home institutions. Consortium Agreement paperwork requires processing time. Please plan ahead.