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We are so excited that you're considering the Early Childhood Education Center for your child!  One of the biggest questions we get at the center is "how much do you cost?".  Here is a quick breakdown of our fees for you:

There is a one-time registration fee of $50.00 per child.

Sinclair Students and Staff are our top priority!  We offer discounts to these families through Preschool Promise, our Kindergarten Prep scholarships, and more! 

The ECEC is an Ohio ECC (Title XX) provider. Inquiries regarding Title XX eligibility must be through your county Job and Family Services.

Your child may be eligible to receive FREE part time childcare (13 hours per week) through our Kindergarten Prep Scholarships, which are funded through the Ohio Department of Education. Families must meet the following income guidelines to qualify:

Detailed eligibility criteria based on household size and income
Household Size 200% of Federal Poverty Line
2 $32,920
3 $41,560
4 $50,200
5 $58,840
  For each additional person, add $8,120