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Sinclair College

Work in Progress

From January through March, 2020, each of the Internationalization subcommittees met several times, and began to explore and discuss issues pertaining to that subcommittee. Each subcommittee also talked about data and/or research that would inform its work and formulated initial recommendations.

The reports below summarize the work of each subcommittee, in the following format:

  • Purpose
  • Past meetings and topics
  • Findings/Observations to Date
  • Data/Research Needed
  • Preliminary Recommendations

To read these reports, please click on the links below

(Please note that these are not final reports. During the initial COVID period, the work of the subcommittees was temporarily put on hold while the college dealt with pressing COVID-19 issues. Plans are in the works to continue and finish work beginning in October, 2020.)