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Exploring New Markets in the U.S. and Scotland

This COIL project was designed to enable students from two different countries (USA and Scotland) to analyze current market and customer trends and to use that information to inform recommendations on the development of a new product or service. Teams consisted of 4 students from Robert Gordon University and 3 students from Sinclair College. During the first week, students created short introduction video clips about themselves to start the process of getting to know each other. They also conducted early-stage brainstorming of potential companies that were used as the basis of the final recommendation. Each group used Kotler’s levels to identify the depth of the new suggested product. Finally, each team created a voice-over team presentation to describe their work.

Scenic panorama of Dean Village, Edinburgh, Scotland

Robert Gordon U Poster

Scottish (highland) cow in scottish mountains, Isle of Sky, Scotland, UK
Edinburgh, UK - July 26, 2017: Unidentified Bagpiper playing music with bagpipes along the Mound on July 26, 2017 in Edinburgh Scotland. There are many bagpipers busking and entertaining tourists!
Project Length:  5 weeks
  • MS Teams
  • Doodle polls
  • Whatsapp
Learning Outcomes:
  • To interact with students from another culture and to learn how to work in virtual teams.
  • To analyze current market and customer trends to inform recommendations on the
    development of a new product or service.
  • To learn collaborative skills.
Charles Richardson
Associate Professor
Charles Richardson

Institution:  Sinclair College
Discipline: Marketing Instruction
Tracy Pirie
Course Leader
Tracy Pirie

Institution: Robert Gordon University, Scotland
Discipline: Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, and International Marketing