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Help FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Sinclair has created this frequently asked questions (FAQs) knowledge base to help answer common questions anytime 24/7. Just type in your question below and we will search for the answer. You can also browser answers by topic or category.

How do I know if I am eligible for TAA?
To become TAA certified, a company official, a union representative, or a group of three or more workers must file a petition with the Department of Labor. Workers are notified of their eligibility via mail.
Where should I go if I require assistance with TAA or WIA paperwork?
If you require assistance with TAA or WIA paperwork, Building 10, Room 10444 can assist you. Contact by telephone at (937) 512-2023.
What happens after I turn in my TAA contract?
Once the school representative has completed a student’s contract, the student will receive a phone call stating the contract has been completed. Students are instructed to pick up their completed contracts and deliver them to their TAA customer service representative.
How long does it take for a contract to be approved after my TAA customer service representative receives the completed contract?
Contracts turned into a TAA customer service representative require thirty days to be approved and returned to Sinclair.
How will I know when my contract is approved?
Upon receiving an approved contract, a school representative will notify the concerned student via telephone.
Should I register for classes even though Sinclair has not received an approved contract?
Yes. Registering early ensures students a place in the classes they require. Students who delay registering for their classes until their contracts are returned may find those classes closed. Sinclair will “protect” your registration from payment deadlines until the end of the second week of classes while awaiting contract approval.
Will I have to pay if I register for classes but subsequently learn my contract was denied?
No. Students who register for classes while awaiting contract approval are placed on a “protect list” and shielded from the payment deadline until the end of the second week of classes. If an approved contract has not been received by the end of the second week of classes, the students in question can either pay for their classes or be automatically de-enrolled without consequence. (NOTE: students on the protect list will still receive automated payment deadline notifications via phone and e-mail).
What should I do if the payment deadline is approaching and Sinclair has not received my approved contract?
If thirty days have passed since the contract was delivered to TAA, contact your TAA customer service representative. If unable to contact your TAA customer service representative, contact the Trade Section in Columbus at 1-866-288-0989.
I received a phone call from Sinclair stating they have a copy of my approved contract. How do I go about purchasing my books?

Books can be purchased using your Tartan Card (student I.D.) during the financial aid open period, which is typically the week immediately prior to the first day of classes. The date is posted at the bottom of the bookstore website. Contact the Bursar's office at 937-512-3202 or 937-512-3864 to confirm that your book funding has been made available for use in the bookstore.

If you wish to purchase your books outside of the financial aid open period, contact the Office of the Bursar at 937-512-3202 or 937-512-3864.

What should I do if the funds on my Tartan Card do not cover the cost of my books?
Have additional funds transferred by contacting the Office of the Bursar at (937) 512-3202. If the Office of the Bursar informs you your book funds have been exhausted, contact Robin Rucker in Building 10, Room 444 or by phone at (937) 512-2023.
Is it possible to take out a student loan to subsidize my income even if I have an approved TAA contract?
Accepting any type of loan will void your TAA contract. If you have more questions concerning how loans will affect your TAA contract, please contact your TAA customer service representative.
Can I accept scholarship or grant money?
Yes. TAA funded students can accept any scholarship or grant made available to them.
Is the FAFSA application the same thing as applying for student loans?
No. The FAFSA application is used to determine students’ level of financial obligation and the various federal grants and loans they may be eligible for. Once eligibility is determined, students can accept or reject any of the grants or loans made available. Eligibility for some grants and scholarships may require a student to complete the FAFSA application.
What’s the difference between TAA and TRA?
Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) provides re-employment services and benefits to trade-affected workers. Workers who lose their jobs as a result of increased foreign imports or a shift in production to foreign countries may be eligible for TAA. Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) provides extended income assistance for workers in an approved TAA contract. TRA payments begin when unemployment insurance ends allowing the student to complete their program of study.

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