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Help FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Sinclair has created this frequently asked questions (FAQs) knowledge base to help answer common questions anytime 24/7. Just type in your question below and we will search for the answer. You can also browser answers by topic or category.

Who should use the Waitlisting function?
Any student who has a need or desire to be in a specific section of a course, but the section or sections meeting that need are currently closed due to reaching their capacity.
Can any student use waitlisting?
Yes! However, a student on Academic Probation can register waitlisting online, as long as they have been given permission by academic advisors.
How will this process effect me if I am waiting to see if course sections become available after the payment due date?
Currently we have a large number of students who wait until after the first payment deadline date to see if non-paying students are de-registered from their courses, thereby opening up space in the course sections. Using this waitlisting process, if students are removed from course sections for non-payment, their spots will be filled by those people on the waitlist.
I don’t intend to use waitlisting. Will this new process impact me anyway?
The only way waitlisting could affect you is if you fail to pay your bill or secure your financial aid. Using this waitlisting process, if students are removed from course sections for non-payment, their spots will automatically be filled by those people on the waiting list. This effectively means that de-registered students will not have the opportunity to re-register for their previous sections. BE SURE TO PAY YOUR BILL!
How do I put myself on the waitlist?
You may use Registration Portal or In-Person to add yourself to a waitlist. If you would like to be added to a waiting list at the Registration counter, just fill out the registration form with the information of the closed course section. The Registration staff will add you to the waiting list.
How am I notified if I am registered for the waitlisted course section?
All students will be notified via their My.Sinclair email address. If you have added yourself to a waitlist we suggest that you check your My.Sinclair address daily for notification.
What is the last day to sign up for a waiting list?
Students will be able to add themselves to the waitlists up through 5:00 p.m. on the first day of late registration.
What happens to the people on the waiting list after waitlisting is turned off?
The lists are wiped clean. If you were on the list and did not get a spot before the waitlisting function is turned off, you will receive an email telling you this.
Can I waitlist for multiple sections for the same course?
Yes! You can add your name to the waitlist of 3 sections of the same course. You will only be registered for the first section that becomes available.
If I waitlist for multiple sections of the same course, can I prioritize?
No. You will be registered for the first section that becomes available.
I want to take a specific section of a course. My first choice is closed. Can I register for an open section and still add my name to the waitlist for the section I really want?
No! Do NOT do this. The computer system only allows you to be registered for one section of the same course. If a student who is waitlisted in one section of a course subsequently registers in another section of the same course, the computer will automatically remove the student from the waitlist.
If I am automatically registered from a waitlist, when is my tuition for that course due?
All tuition follows the same payment schedule, regardless of whether you are automatically registered from a waitlist or you are able to register directly into the course. For payment schedule, please see Methods of Payment.
I forgot that I added my name to a waitlist and I was automatically registered for the course section. What can I do?
By placing your name on the waiting list you are agreeing that you are financially obligated to pay for that course. If it is before the deadline to drop with a refund, you can go through the procedure to drop the course and receive a refund. If it is beyond that date, you may still withdraw from the course and receive a W but you are financially responsible for the course. For the current semester drop and withdraw dates, please see the Registration Calendar.
Can I remove myself from a waiting list?
Yes, you can remove yourself via Registration Portal or at Registration

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