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Program Specific Information

Entry into Limited Enrollment VET Courses

Criteria of Policies and Procedures to enroll into Limited VET Courses
Policies and Procedures
A.  Entry into the limited enrollment Veterinary Technology courses is a competitive process. It is based on multiple factors presented to the admissions committee in the form of a portfolio. Admission is based on a scored portfolio and should contain the following:
  1. GPA of 2.7 or higher in the semester prior to application
  2. Completion of all program pre-requisites (if transferred in, transcripts are required).
  3. Completion and overall score of 55% or better on the TEAS Exam.
  4. Resume.
  5. 3 letters of recommendation.
    1. Form for Referral PDF
  6. Student essay. Essay Rubric PDF
  7. Documented animal contact hours within a veterinary medical setting (preferably at least 20 hours total in at least 2 hospitals. Memorandum of Understanding for Job Shadow PDF

Students interested in applying for the 2nd year of the Vet Tech program will do so through an eLearn Community course shell: Vet Tech - Linked Student Information. All students enrolled in VET 1205 for the Spring Semester will be automatically added to the course shell.  If you have previously taken VET 1205 and are now interested in applying, please email to request entry to the shell between January and March of the year you wish to apply.  The 2nd year of the Vet Tech program begins in the Summer Semester.  All application information is contained within this course shell.


Proof of current tetanus immunization (within 9 years) and rabies immunization (2 injections and/or a titer showing immunity to rabies) is required prior to the start of the Summer semester.

D. Background Checks are not required prior to entry into the program; HOWEVER, there are certain crimes that will preclude you from becoming licensed as a technician, and you will be required to have a background check prior to registering to take the national exam after the conclusion of the program. It is recommended that you contact the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board directly to discuss whether something on your background check may keep you from being licensed in the state of Ohio. Please call 614-644-5281 to discuss your case with that office, PRIOR to enrolling in this program. For more information, please see

Immunization and Vaccination Requirements

Current tetanus and rabies immunizations are required for entry into limited enrollment courses.

Mental and Physical Qualifications

Diverse criteria for Mental and Physical Qualifications
1. Have manual dexterity/motor coordination, hand-eye coordination, physical communication, visual acuity, and effective verbal communication.
2. Be able to lift 50 pounds.