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Sinclair Veterinary Technology Mobile Vet Clinic

Sinclair Veterinary Technology Mobile Vet Clinic

Our Mission
Veterinary Technology and Veterinary Assistant students and faculty would love to help you and your pets live longer, healthier lives through preventive care education and service.
Seeking clients in need:
If you have been struggling to provide care to your pets due to financial hardship, you can apply for care by filling out this form.

Possible services:
  • Core vaccinations
  • physical examinations
  • simple grooming assistance (nails, ears, anal glands)
  • blood chemistry and complete blood cell count.

Anesthetic procedures limited to healthy pets: Spays/neuters and simple dental prophylaxis.


Interested in Becoming a Vet Tech student?
Visit the Veterinary Technology Webpage to learn more about this program, or call 937-512-3000 to connect with a Health Sciences Academic Advisor.
Donate to the Vet Tech Fund
We have started a scholarship fund with the Sinclair Foundation to help offset costs associated with the program, including a Vet Tech Prep Course designed to help students pass the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Exam) on the first try. Donations also go toward:
  • Educational field trips
  • Stethoscopes
  • Scholarships
  • Funding for vaccine clinics and spay/neuter clinics (to provide more clinical experiences for students)
Donating specifically to the Veterinary Technology Fund will help students achieve their dreams and develop their skills to better their care of your pets. Even a $1 donation helps!

Donate to the Vet-Tech Fund