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Sponsored Students

A sponsored student is one that requires Sinclair Community College to invoice a third party for their tuition, fees (e.g. registration, lab, and online course fees), books and/or supplies while they are attending the college.

The Bursar Office will process third party billing of tuition, fees, and books to businesses, governments, agencies, organizations and employers who wish to sponsor a student at Sinclair Community College.

Billing is processed on a per term basis and a letter or contract must be submitted to the college before the start of each term. This will detail the sponsor’s guarantee to pay the student’s expenses as listed in the letter or contract. The authorization must not be contingent upon the student receiving a specific grade.

It is the sponsored student’s responsibility to have all required documents submitted to the Bursar Office and to provide payment for any uncovered balance before the final payment deadline. (View Payment Deadlines)

Sponsored Students and Financial Aid

Students, who may be eligible for grants, loans, scholarships, or other financial aid in a given term, should notify the Bursar Office prior to the start of the term. If a student receives both Financial Aid and Sponsorship funding the Sponsorship funding could be delayed and the amount authorized may be contingent on the amount and type of financial aid received.

Downloadable Documents

Contact Information

All documents can be mailed, faxed, emailed or presented in person.

Sinclair Community College
Attn: Bursar Office - Sponsored Programs
444 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

Phone: 937-512-2606
Fax: 937-512-2391

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