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Terms and Conditions

Tuition Payment Plan
Terms and Conditions

Enrollment: You must enroll in the payment plan for every term you wish to participate. The payment plan is for current term only and not for past term balances.

Tuition Only: Book charges cannot be paid through the payment plan.

Enrollment Charge: A $25 non-refundable charge for each term enrolled.

Due Dates: Payments due on dates stated online, in the payment plan agreement, and in literature. No extensions are allowed.

Missed/Returned Payments:

  •  Fee: A $30 late fee will be assessed for each installment payment that is missed.
  • Reattempts: The missed installment payment will be reattempted beginning the next day. To ensure a successful reattempt, the student must log into the payment plan and verify or update the payment method.
  • Consequences: If the payment and reattempts are unsuccessful, the student will be required to log back into the payment plan and make the missed payment(s).  Failure to do so will result in a hold being placed on the student account and could result in classes being removed from the schedule. Missed payments will be distributed among any remaining payments for the term.

Down Payment: May be required for enrollment in the payment plan depending on the timeframe a student enrolls within the active plans available.

Dropped Classes: Student is responsible for remaining payments for classes dropped after the "drop with refund" period as scheduled according to plan payments and Sinclair’s payment deadlines.

Refunds: Please review Sinclair's refund policy for more information.

Balance Adjustments: Payment plan account balance and payments due will be adjusted if account changes such as class additions, class drops, missed payments, or changes to financial aid or other third-party funding occur.


  • For Enrollment: If student enrolls for courses during on-time registration, enrollment in the Payment Plan must be done by our specified payment deadline date. Unpaid courses, not under the payment plan, may be removed from course schedules. Please visit Registration Calendar for more information.
  • For Adjustments: Changes to the account must be made at least 10 calendar days before the payment date. Otherwise, changes may not reflect until the next scheduled payment.

Making Payments: Payments should not be made at the Cashier’s Office or through the online payment center accessed through the student portal. Payments are automatically deducted from the credit card or bank account used when enrolling in the plan. Contact with the Cashier's Office must be done before making any payments outside of the scheduled ones within the active plan to get an understanding of how that could impact the payment plan.

  • If tuition is being paid by a party other than the student, an authorized user will need to be added to the payment plan account.

Successful / Unsuccessful Plans:

  • A successful plan: Must be in place by Sinclair’s payment deadline date each term and any potential down payment and/or scheduled payments received successfully.
  • Multiple agreement attempts: If a student has two unsuccessful payment plan attempts for a current term, then the student will not be able to use the payment plan and will immediately have to pay in full or may be subject to deregistration.
  • Unsuccessful plan: Sinclair may be entitled to (1) declare the full balance plus late fees immediately due and payable by law, (2) refuse subsequent registration for any classes and/or drop current classes, (3) deny future enrollment in any payment plan, (4) submit unpaid balance to the Ohio Attorney General for collection, and (5) withhold diplomas from being released until the unpaid balance, as well as all attorney fees, legal expenses, and other collection costs are paid in full.

Agreements may be terminated if:

  • Sinclair is unable to obtain the $25 enrollment charge
  • Down payments fail on first attempt
  • A regularly scheduled payment and the reattempt fails
  • A balance remains on the student account from a previous term

Agreements terminated for any of the above-listed reasons may result in deregistration from classes. Sinclair can terminate a payment plan for any given reason at any time and ask for payment in full before the next deregistration.