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Sinclair College

Virtual Tutoring


Wrap up the semester with final tutoring sessions. Final’s week begins Monday, December 6th, and the last day for the Fall 21 semester tutoring is Saturday, December 11th. Schedule your appointments soon.

The Tutoring and Learning Center will reopen for tutoring sessions beginning Wednesday, January 12, 2022 for the Spring 22 semester.

Schedule a VIRTUAL appointment with a tutor

Using the + sign, expand each banner to see a list of our most requested courses.  Select the link to view what days and times are available for tutoring.  If you need a course that is not listed or a different day or time, please select "Course Not Listed" to submit a request.

If you would like to schedule a Zoom writing conference for a course that isn't listed, please select Virtual Writing Conference to schedule an appointment.

Nursing tutoring is not available at this time.

Students can also submit projects for review or send questions to  If you are submitting projects for review, please include any images, project descriptions, Photoshop files, AI files, and InDesign files necessary to the project in a zip folder. InDesign files must be packaged for a tutor to review them.

VIS Courses

The VIS department hosts an open lab for student use. The professional VIS tutor is available in the lab during certain times for face-to-face tutoring. Please check the VIS department's website for the schedule.

Choose the area where you would like support on the TEAS test from the list below to find tutor availability.

To get connected with a tutor and/or resources for the ALEKS placement test or the WritePlacer, please call the Tutoring and Learning Center at 937-512-2792 or email

GIS tutoring is not available at this time.

Contact the Geography department in the meantime.


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