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Sinclair College

Early Years (1887 - 1929)

Detailed chronology of Sinclair history, the early years (1887 - 1929)
Date/s Event/s
  • Dedication of new YMCA building at 32 East Fourth Street. (Formerly, the Y rented rooms in the Journal Building at 25 North Main Street near the old courthouse)
  • David Sinclair begins the Evening Educational Program of the Dayton YMCA. Courses offered in Bookkeeping and Mechanical Drawing
1891 First diploma awarded
1902 David Sinclair dies on vacation in Billings, Montana, September 25
1903 Platt R. Lawton appointed first trained Educational Director
1906 First black student is graduated
1908 School moves with the YMCA to the new building at Third and Ludlow Streets. (301 West Third Street)
1910 Business Administration courses offered
1921 Americanization classes established
1921 Dayton YMCA School of Commerce and Finance begun
  • Dayton YMCA Technical School organized
  • First four-year degrees offered by Tech School
1925 YMCA Law School established
1925 Gertrude Bonholzer is the first woman to graduate from the Dayton YMCA School of Commerce and Finance with a Bachelors in Accounting
1926 Dayton YMCA Office Training School begun
1927 Wittenberg-Dayton YMCA School of Liberal Arts started
1929 YMCA and School move to new building at 117 West Monument Avenue