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Sinclair/Wright State The Wright Path Program

The Wright Path LogoUniversity Partnership with Wright State is Your Pathway to Success: 2 + 2 = Associate & Bachelor's in 4 years.

The Wright Path Program allows you to seamlessly move into a Wright State Bachelor's program of study after earning an Associate degree at Sinclair. Planning a transfer route requires making informed decisions throughout your time at Sinclair. We are here to help you achieve your academic goals.


What are the benefits?

  • Nearly 50 signed program articulation agreements, creating a fully-defined plan for earning both degrees in four years
  • Joint advising with Sinclair advisors and Wright State advisors working with you from the start
  • Guaranteed admission to Wright State without the admission fee
  • Opportunities for special Transfer Scholarships
  • Jointly sponsored events and activities on both campuses for Double Degree students
  • The option to immediately live in Wright State residence hall housing, even during the first part of your college career while attending Sinclair

Consider these five reasons to complete your Associate degree before transferring*

  1. Provides you with an important, marketable credential
  2. Locks you into your college course credits ensuring the credential has a lifetime value
  3. Transfer seamlessly to a four-year school ensuring you enter as a college junior
  4. Popular 2+2 programs and accelerated degree completion programs at four-year colleges and universities recognize the value of your Associate degree. Without the two-year degree, you may not be eligible for these programs.
  5. Saves you time and money!


Sinclair Program Pathways to Wright State University

Wright State has over 60 articulation agreements with Sinclair. Each ensuring the Sinclair graduate a seamless transfer into the corresponding bachelor-degree program.

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How to Apply

To enroll in The Wright Path program you need to apply to Sinclair College and when you have completed your associate degree from Sinclair and are ready to transfer, you must complete the Wright State University online application.

Pathway Overview

  1. Apply to Sinclair College
  2. Meet with a Sinclair Academic Advisor and plan your Transfer MAP
  3. Finish your Sinclair Associate Degree
  4. Apply to Wright State University online
  5. Finish your Wright State Bachelor's

For the latest pathway information, visit The Wright Path website.

Contact Info

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Kimberly Collins, Program Director for University Partnerships
P: 937-512-4740

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