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Sinclair College

Ohio TechCred Program

What is TechCred?

TechCred helps Ohioans learn new skills and helps employers build a stronger workforce with the skills needed in a technology-infused economy. No matter what industry you work in, technology is having an impact on the future of your business and the nature of your work. —Source: Ohio TechCred

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Ohio businesses who submit successful applications will be reimbursed up to $2,000 per credential, when current or prospective employees complete eligible technology-focused credentials.

Below are credentials that Sinclair Community College offers that align with the principles of the TechCred program.

What is the cost?

The cost per credit hour is $116.03 plus any applicable fees for Montgomery County residents, and $163.28 per credit hour plus any applicable fees for residents of other Ohio counties. Tuition cost is subject to change. View the Bursar current fee and tuition schedule here.

Costs for Workforce Development, non-credit programs vary by program. Please contact for pricing of a specific program.


Contact Icon Employers Contact for Help Applying to TechCred

Sinclair can help your company apply to the TechCred program and get your employees training that qualifies. Sinclair has a number of for-credit academic short-term certificates and non-credit Workforce Development offerings that meet the guidelines for the TechCred program, and will help employers apply for the program.


Workforce Development
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Book Icon Potential TechCred Sinclair Short-Term Certificates Offered at the Dayton Campus

Employers applying for TechCred can select from these Sinclair short-term certificates, which their employee can take to pursue a credential. Employees will benefit by increased skills and higher wages. Businesses benefit from having financial support to help them upskill their employees.

If you do not see the credential you are interested in included in the list below, please contact us at:

Detailed list of TechCred Short-Term Certificates Offered at the Sinclair Dayton Campus
Business Industry Sinclair Certificate Name Credit Hours Alignment with TechCred Credential List*
Healthcare Technology Computed Tomography 5 Close Alignment with Approved List
Electrocardiography 3
Clinical Lab Assistant 21-23 Requires Approval Request
Clinical Phlebotomy 12-13
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 5
Mammography 4-6
Medical Scribe 18-19
Patient Care Technician 7
Pharmacy Technician 18-19
Surgical Instrument Technician 16
Tissue Banking Technology 15
Information Technology Fast Track Programming 18 Close Alignment with Approved List
Information Systems Security 15
Linux Security & Network Essentials 12
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate 18
Network Engineering Associate 18
Network Engineering Entry Level 10
Network Engineering Security Associate 16
Software Applications for the Professional 15
Web Programming 18
IT Fundamentals 18 Requires Approval Request
Software Testing 3
Design Processes 16
Digital Design 20
Geographic Information Systems 19
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) 6-8
Manufacturing and Construction Additive Design Specialist 7-8 Close Alignment with Approved List
Computer Numerical Control Technology 24
Industrial Maintenance Technician 27-28
Mechanical Software Technician 16
Computer Aided Manufacturing Basic Machining Skills 12 Requires Approval Request
Computer Aided Manufacturing Precision Machining 17
Construction Supervisor 28
Construction Technician 18-24
Continuous Process Improvement 12
Manufacturing Management 16
Measurement & Calibration 18
Military Applications Aerial Sensing Data Analytics 18 Close Alignment with Approved List
UAS for Geographic Information Systems 16
UAS First Responders 16
Customized Training / Workforce Options Computed Tomography N/A Close Alignment with Approved List
Automotive Electrical Boot Camp Close Alignment with Approved List
Automation Systems Certificate
ASE Certification Prep Courses
Hybrid Vehicle Operation & Diagnosis Requires Approval Request
Industrial Controls & PLCS Certificate Close Alignment with Approved List
Industrial Electricity Certificate
Industrial Fluid Power Certificate
Industrial Mechanics Certificate
Maintenance Fundamentals Certificate
Process Control Certificate
Process Technology Certificate

*Alignment with TechCred Credential List: Those Sinclair programs marked "Close Alignment with Approved List" closely fit with credentials already approved on the TechCred Credential List. Those marked "Requires Approval Request" are Sinclair short-term certificates which appear to align with the TechCred program and employers can apply for an addition to approved credentials list.