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Requirements and Grading

How are FlexPace Courses Different from the Traditional Classroom?

Course Progress:

FlexPace competency-based courses are intended to be a flexible option for high-performing students, where you have the ability to progress as you master a new subject and accelerate to a degree and career faster than the traditional student at Sinclair. The following policies regarding course progress are intended to preserve the effectiveness of the program while maintaining compliance with attendance and financial aid policies.

You must at least set a pace that allows you to complete your course(s) in the semester. You are encouraged to set an accelerated pace but must at least meet the default pacing requirements below:

  1. All students are required to complete an assignment for a grade within the first 7 days of class or will be reported for non-attendance.
  2. You must regularly make progress in your course(s). Specifically:
  • 75% of course assignments must be completed and submitted by the Friday before the final withdrawal date for the semester (generally, week 12).
  • No more than 5 assignments may be submitted in the week prior to finals week.
  • In courses where multiple final exam attempts are allowed, the first attempt at the final must be submitted by Tuesday of finals week.


You must pass each graded assignment in a competency-based FlexPace course with a score of 80% or higher. FlexPace Math courses require a 70% or higher. This includes all assignments, labs and exams. If you are unable to earn a score of 80% or higher (or 70% for Math courses), you will be permitted to complete the course as if it were a traditional online course, but you may not be eligible for any future FlexPace courses. You will no longer be allowed multiple attempts to complete assignments; your first attempt will be your final grade.

  • Chapter Quizzes
    Each FlexPace course will contain chapter quizzes to help you gain mastery of course topics. Chapter quizzes must be completed in the order they are offered in the course. You must also earn an 80% or higher on these quizzes, but you are allowed multiple attempts.
  • Labs, Midterms and Final Examinations
    FlexPace courses may offer reattempts on labs, midterms and final exams. If you achieve less than 80% on your first attempt, contact your instructor for guidance and further instructions. Final assessments must be proctored. Note that these policies vary in non-CIS FlexPace courses, so you should always refer to the re-take information in your syllabus. Most FlexPace courses required proctored testing.