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The Mentoring Collaborative of Montgomery County

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”
Bob Proctor

Our Story


Better Mentors. Better Youth.

The Mentoring Collaborative of Montgomery County, Ohio (MCMC) is the center of support for youth mentoring programs. In 2001 Montgomery County recognized the need for a lead organization to coordinate a network of agencies that were direct providers of mentoring programs for youth. Today the Mentoring Collaborative provides mentoring resource development, training and certification of partner agencies and mentors.

MCMC’s vision is to ensure that every youth who wants a mentor will be connected with an adult who cares about them and who is willing to commit to the mentoring process. Validated research results reflect that young people who have the benefit of a mentor will maneuver through life more successfully.

The emphasis of the organization’s strategy includes:

  • Training the staffs of partners agencies on the Elements of Effective Mentoring
  • Closely-guarded ongoing background screenings of all mentors to ensure “match safety”
  • Continuous training, consultation and technical support for all partner agencies

Mentoring Collaborative is an extension of the Sinclair College brand as a component of community outreach services. In addition to collaborating with Sinclair, MCMC also works in conjunction with the Montgomery County Human Services Planning and Development Department.

Come Join Us!

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