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Mentoring Collaborative

The Mentoring Collaborative of Montgomery County

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”
Bob Proctor


Become a Hero, Be a Mentor

The Mentoring Collaborative is changing the approach to youth mentoring and we're just getting started! What is encouraging about mentoring today is that everyday people – retirees, college students, grocery store employees, beauticians, members of the armed forces - have become involved with the mentoring movement.

Mentoring has grown into a social movement supported by schools, businesses, government and religious institutions. Mentoring frequently pairs people who might not otherwise find connection.

Service Updates and Emergency Plans

This has been a challenging year for everyone thus far, but just know you are not in this alone.  The Mentoring Collaborative remains committed to provide services and support to our Partners. Over the last several months, MCMC staff have maintained remote operations, under the guidelines of Sinclair Community College (i.e.  Student Enrichment Programs, Director Chris Welch). The remote model has proven to be effective during this time for our partners seeking services.

Beginning August 25, 2020, MCMC is will re-open for limited in-person office hours and by appointment for meetings.  Staff will be available in person Monday-Thursday, by appointment only, with safe health procedures in place.  No walk-in appointments are permitted. 

Please note : At this time, we will not be performing any in office or onsite fingerprinting. Online background checks are available for qualifying partner agencies.

The following safety/health protocols will be implemented:

  • Masks face covering in the office will always be required.
  • Policies and practices for social distancing in the workplace:  Other than MCMC Staff, a (1) person limit within two (2) hour intervals will be allowed inside the office during operations.  This will allow for increased cleaning/sanitizing of office area and shared surfaces
  • Virtual/over the phone appointments are still preferred whenever possible. Staff will remain available Monday- Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. remotely.

To schedule an appointment please contact us by phone 937-512-3179 or email us at : or

Come Join Us!

Involvement in mentoring strengthens our communities. Mentoring, when done correctly, makes a huge difference in the lives of young people that we reach.



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Get Involved

Involvement in mentoring strengthens our communities. Mentoring, when done correctly, makes a huge difference in the lives of the young people we reach.


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Training & Events

Come to an event and learn how to become a resource to offer quality and effective mentoring services on a variety of current and important topics.


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Partner Agencies

A network of community agencies that provide mentoring services to youth throughout Montgomery County are trained and certified by Mentoring Collaborative.



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