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+ How do I become a College for Lifelong Learning student?

College for Lifelong Learning students register the same as credit seeking students. Go to click the Apply button. Complete the application and submit. You will be assigned a Sinclair email address and a Tartan student ID number. These will be used for all communication with the CLL department.  Any application fees will be waived for CLL students

+ How do I find available classes?

Visit the College for Lifelong Learning webpage.  Scroll down to the Non-Credit Courses section. Click the link to current schedule.  Choose the academic department of interest and look for the classes that start with a 6000 number.

+ How do I register for non-credit 6000 level classes?

Visit any of the Sinclair campuses to register in person: Englewood, Huber Heights, Courseview (Mason), Centerville or Dayton

To register online:  Go to the College for Lifelong Learning webpage or type the following into your browser:

Scroll down to the Non-Credit Courses section

Click the link to 'current schedule'. This will take you to the Registration Portal.

Click the 'Sign In' button on top far right corner. Sign in using your username and password

Using the search filters in the upper right of the page, choose the semester and subject department. (i.e., Art; His). This will take you to all classes being offered for the semester. Once you choose your department, scroll down all classes to get to the 6000 level offerings. Click the class of your interest. This will take you to the class sections where you can find the class titles, day, time and location.

Choose the section of the class that you desire and click the 'Add Class' button.

Repeat this process until you have chosen all the classes you desire.

When finished choosing classes, click the 'Register NOW!' Button.

You will receive an email confirming your registration and telling you how to pay for your classes.

+ How do I audit a class, tuition free?

Students who are 60+ years of age, or younger students holding an Ohio Buckeye card may audit any credit class tuition free. You will continue to be responsible for any additional course fees (i.e., lab fees, text books, necessary supplies).

+ If I am under 60 years of age, how can I get a Golden Buckeye card?

If you are 18 to 59 and have a disability as defined by Social Security Administration, you may apply for a card at most public libraries and senior centers. Due to ID, age, and disability verification requirements, you cannot apply for the card by phone or online.

+ If I am under age 60 and do not have a Golden Buckeye card can I audit a typical credit class?

Yes you may, but you will have to pay the regular tuition fee

+ How can I receive additional help if needed to register?

You may contact the Welcome Desk at 937-512-3000 any time for additional help.

+ How much does parking cost?

All student parking lots are open access lots and there are no parking fees.

+ What is the location of the College for Lifelong Learning office? How can I reach the office by phone or email?

The College for Lifelong Learning is located in Building 10, Room 425. You may call 937-512-2372 or email