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College for Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Due to the Coronavirus, all face to face meetings and classes are suspended until further notice. 


Our Mission

The College for Lifelong Learning is dedicated to developing a collaborative relationship with adults of the Miami Valley area to promote lifelong learning through educational, cultural, recreational and social opportunities that embrace diversity and service to the community.

Spring 2020 Registration:

Full Term:
January 6 - May 3
Audit Registration January 3-5

A Term:
January 6 - March 1
Audit Registration January 3-5

12-Week Term:
February 3 - May 3
Audit Registration January 30-31

B Term:
March 9 - May 3
Audit Registration March 5-6

Spring Semester Begins January 6
See Full Academic Calendar


The College for Lifelong Learning Office will no longer mail confirmation letters indicating the class requested was received. However, you will be notified if a class is cancelled or has reached the maximum number of students allowed. Therefore, unless you hear from us plan on attending each session for which you have registered.

Contact Icon Contact Info:

Building 10, Room 424A
P: 937-512-2372

Hours of Operation:
Mon. - Thu., 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Fri., 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Lifelong Learning Catalog Spring 2020

Download the Spring Semester 2020 Course Catalog (PDF)* Now!


Our Offerings

Non-Credit Courses

Non-credit classes are offered each term in several subject areas. If you are interested in taking an art class, brushing up on history, or engaging in your favorite physical recreation activity, the College for Lifelong Learning program’s non-credit course offerings are just for you!

Check the current schedule for the list of available classes; search for “non-credit” and you will find a variety of 6000 course options that meet your needs. Since everyone in class will be a lifelong learner, we can cover the material most relevant to YOU!

Each non-credit class carries a $20 fee (PED classes carry a $25 fee) and some classes may have an additional lab fee. Register in person or online during the complete registration period. Register early to ensure you get the class you want!

Addendum to Spring 2020 Catalog

In addition to the classes listed in the catalog the following classes will be offered:

  • HIS 6297/603  Appalachian Folkways,  Mondays 1:15 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. @ Miamisburg Senior Adult Center, 305 East Centeral Ave, Miamisburg 45342 937-866-8999 Instructor: Kathy Hayes
  • HIS 6297/910   African American History 19th Century to Present,  Wednesdays 9 am to 11:30 am @ Northwest Recreation  Center, 1600 Princeton Ave, Dayton 45406 937-333-3322 Instructor: Karen Brame
  • HIS 6297/913 Early 20th Century American Presidents, Mondays 1 pm to 3:15 pm @ Rec West Enrichment Center, 965 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton 45459 937-438-7985 Instructor: Kathy Combs
  • HIS 6297/914 Early 20th Century American Presidents, Fridays 1 pm to 3:15 pm @ One Lincoln Park, 590 Isaac Prugh Way, Dayton 45429, 937-298-0594 Instructor: Kathy Combs
  • HIS 6297/916 History of Photography, Wednesdays 1 pm to 3 pm @ Kettering YMCA 4545 Marshall Rd, Kettering, 45429 937-434-1964 Instructor: Jennifer Lorenzetti
How to Register:

You may register to audit credit courses during the late registration period if space is available. Registration must be completed in person at any Sinclair location during the late registration period. Students 60 or older, or younger students holding a Golden Buckeye card, may audit a class with tuition waived. All other class fees must be paid by the student.

Workshops & Seminars

If you are looking for an opportunity to participate in a short-term learning opportunity, a Seminar or Workshop might be what you are looking for. We offer a variety of workshops and seminars in the areas of New Directions, Health and Well Being, Computers and Technology, Arts and Entertainment, History and Culture, and Community Partners.

Download the Spring Semester 2020 Course Catalog (PDF)

The following classes are not listed in the catalog but will be running:

  • LL08X74 Roots Magic (Instructor: Dana Palmer) @Courseview Campus  10 sessions beginning 2/7/20 from 10am-12pm. Fee $75
  • LL08X75  Genealogy 102 (Instructor: Dana Palmer) @ Courseview Campus  10 sessions beginning 2/7/20 from 12:30pm - 2:30pm. Fee $75
How to Register:
  • By Mail - Send your completed registration form to the address on the form and a check for any class fees to College for Lifelong Learning, Building 10, Room 424A, 444 West 3rd St Dayton, OH 45402
  • In Person - Bring your application and payment to any Sinclair campus 
  • By Email: