Tutorial Services


The mission of Tutorial Services is to empower students to achieve academic success through quality tutoring.


Tutoring at Sinclair is provided in many different forms for a wide variety of subjects. Individual, small group, open lab, and online tutors are available to meet the diverse needs of Sinclair students.

Tutorial Services offers both professional and student tutors. All student tutors must have a 3.0 GPA, earned an A or B in the classes tutored, and completed a comprehensive training program.

How to get a tutor:
  • Individual Tutoring Registering for an individual tutoring session is easy. Visit Tutorial Services and simply complete your application in the Library, room 7L07. Register early to get the times you need with the tutor you prefer. Get a head start by downloading and completing the registration form. *Students registered with Disability Services are provided with an extra hour of tutoring (if available) when their registration form is signed by a Disability Services Counselor.
  • Study Sessions Three hour study and review sessions with professional tutors in a small group are popular options for students. An application is available in Tutorial Services 7L07.
  • Academic Labs Open labs provide help in specific subjects: Biology, BIS/Computer Help, Chemistry, Developmental Classes, and Physics. No form is required. Show up during any of the open hours for help.
  • Online Tutoring Online tutoring provides flexibility and the additional resource many students need to support their success. Email tutor1@sinclair.edu through your Sinclair email account to register for this service.
Who is eligible for tutoring?

Tutoring is free for Sinclair students registered in classes for academic credit.

What subjects are tutored?

Tutoring is available for most courses. If a tutor is not immediately available in a requested subject, a search for a new tutor will be initiated. This service is only available the first 5 weeks of classes, and does not guarantee a tutor.

Classes tutored online vary each semester. For an updated listing, view the weekly eTutoring schedule.


Elizabeth Scarborough, M.S.Ed.
Supervisor for Tutorial Services
937-512-2792 (phone)