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End of Term Grades

Sinclair students have two methods to view their grades. Student grades will be available the first Wednesday following the end of the term. Students should choose one of the following ways to access their grades:

  • E-Mail
    A grade report will be e-mailed to all students by way of their my.sinclair e-mail address. Grades will be e-mailed once to all students each term. 
  • Colleague Self Service
    Students may view all grades for each term in Self Service. Self Service is accessed through the my.sinclair portal. Grades can be found by clicking on the "Grades by Term" portlet within my.sinclair or clicking Colleague Self Service, Academics and then Grades. 

If a student and faculty member submitted Incomplete Contract, the deadline for completing incomplete grades is 30 days after the beginning date of the next term.  Students are required to make arrangements with their instructor in order to complete the course work.  Failure to complete the course work within the 30-day period will result in an automatic grade of F.

*At the end of each term, instructors submit students' grades to the Office of Registration & Student Records. The deadline for receipt of those grades in the Registration office is the Wednesday following the end of Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms. Office grade reports are NOT mailed out to students.