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Name, Address and Telephone Number Changes

Students may make name, address, and telephone changes in one of several ways.

If you have not attended Sinclair within the last year you are required to fill out an application to update information. Forms below will not be accepted.

Documentation Required for Name Change and can be submitted in person or through through the Secure Document Upload

  • Marriage: Copy of marriage certificate or license OR driver's license AND Social Security card with new name
  • Divorce: Copy of divorce decree, court entry or order of legal name change
  • Legal Name Change: Court order of legal name change

Updating your address may affect residency but will never automatically update a student to Montgomery county rates (please see change of Residency for Tuition Purposes).

Indicate the change on the registration form and check the appropriate change box.

  1. Complete the on-line Change of Information form and send it to us electronically. This may take 3-5 business day to process.
  2. Complete a Name, Address, Telephone Number Change Request form. Present the Request form and photo identification at the Registration Office or send it to us by mail.
  3. Present photo identification and required documentation if needed at the Registration Office and make the change in person.
  4. Send a request in writing to the Registration Office. Include former name, current name, social security or student ID number, previous address and telephone number, current address and telephone number, legal signature and any required documentation.

Veterans must report the change to the Veterans Office, Building 10, Room 444. A change of address does not change a student's residency to a lower tuition status. Student must make separate application. Click here for information about change of residency for tuition purposes.

*No documentation is required if going from middle initial to middle name or vice versa.