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Public Safety Department FAQs

Why does the dispatcher ask for my name whenever I call?

It is the department's policy to request the name of the caller for several reasons. The most important reason is that we may have to reach you to get more information, particularly if you are reporting a crime or other incident. We cannot provide services for vehicle lockouts and/or jump starts without obtaining the caller's name.

Does Sinclair Community College have cameras in the buildings?

There are closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras located in strategic areas throughout campus including parking lots.

Is the Sinclair Police Department part of the Dayton Police?

No. Sinclair police officers are agents of Sinclair Community College and receive their police powers through the State of Ohio. Sinclair Police work closely with the Dayton Police Department and many other local, state, and federal agencies.

I have an injury or illness that prevents me from walking long distances. Where can I park?

The Department of Public Safety does not issue temporary handicap parking permits. We recommend that you contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to obtain a temporary placard. The temporary placard will then permit you to park in designated handicap spaces.

My vehicle was towed. What do I need to do to get it back?

If your vehicle was towed from Sinclair property by Sinclair Police, it will be located at Sandy's Towing located at 3053 Springboro Rd. West (off Dryden Rd.). To retrieve your vehicle you will need to take proof of ownership and insurance to Sandy's after receiving a release form from Sinclair Police.

If you were parked on the street, the tow was probably the result of a parking violation from the Dayton Police Department. To retrieve your vehicle you will need to go to the City of Dayton Safety Building on Third St. (across from building 12). They require that all outstanding fines are paid for and provide proof of ownership, insurance, and identification.

What are blue lights and where are they located?

Blue lights are emergency call boxes mounted on large blue poles that dial directly to the dispatcher. They are located on each floor in the main parking garage at the stairwells. They are also strategically placed around campus for quick and easy access. View a map of Emergency Blue Lights

How can I file a compliment or complaint on a Sinclair Police employee?

You can contact the on duty supervisor at 937-512-2700. You can also go online at

How do I apply for a police or security position?

The police department accepts applications for part-time security, student officers, and dispatchers on a continuing basis. Positions are filled as needed. Police officer positions are posted in the Dayton Daily News. A contact list is maintained for those who complete a contact card to be notified when the college is accepting applications.

How do I get a copy of a report?

Copies are available by stopping by the first floor of building 7, room 112, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. Most requests for reports will be processed within two working days. NOTE: Not all reports can be released. Reports that have on-going investigations or sensitive data will not be released. All student conduct reports are not made available to the public unless the report involves a criminal charge.

Do Sinclair Police officers work during breaks?

The Sinclair Police Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

I received a citation on my vehicle. What do I need to do?

There are two types of tickets issued by Sinclair Police. A "City of Dayton Police Department" citation has fines associated with it. Offenses for these include handicap parking, parking near a fire hydrant, blocking a fire lane, or parking in a no parking area. Information is provided on the back of these citations for appropriate action.

A "Sinclair College Police Department" warning tag does not involve any fines. Offenses include vehicles parked over yellow or white parking lines, or in restricted areas such as reserved or specially marked spaces at loading areas. The warning tag is just that - a warning and friendly reminder not to park in those areas. After the third offense within a two year period, vehicles can be towed at the owner's expense. Instructions for appealing this warning tag are located at the bottom of the tag if it is believed it was issued in error or if there are mitigating circumstances.

What are the differences between Sinclair Police Officers and security officers?

Sinclair Police Officers are certified peace officers in the State of Ohio. They have full police authority and arrest powers. Their primary jurisdiction includes all Sinclair Community College properties and adjacent roadways. Security officers do not have arrest or police powers. They assist the police by providing visible patrols in the buildings and parking lots, open and secure rooms, secure buildings and found property, and provide escorts.

Why was I stopped by the police?

There are numerous reasons an officer may stop someone and that should be explained to you. It could be because the officer observed you commit a crime, traffic offense, or a violation of the Student Conduct policy. Officers may also stop you to check on your welfare or if they are investigating a complaint.

When I called the police, why did more than one officer respond?

Depending on the type of call and the location, it is not uncommon for a second officer to respond. The main reason for this is officer safety. When a call is received, the whole story may not be known or the extent of any possible danger until after the officer has arrived on scene.

I have a carry concealed weapon permit. Can I carry my firearm on campus? If not, where can I store it?

Sinclair Community College does not permit any concealed firearms on college property. It is against Ohio Revised Code 2923.126 to carry a concealed weapon onto any property belonging to a college/university. If you have a firearm and need a place to secure it, we recommend securing the firearm in the trunk of your vehicle per state law.

How would I be alerted if there is a problem on campus?

The Dayton campus has a campus-wide 1500 speaker sound system that is used for lockdowns or other emergency announcements. It also covers the exterior of all campus buildings and the parking garages. The college also utilizes Nixle as an emergency text message alert. You can sign up here.

If there would be an active shooter or hostile intruder on campus, should I pull the fire alarm?

No. This would create a significant problem. The Sinclair Police Department will place the college in lock down and will broadcast a voice message on the emergency broadcast system advising everyone inside and outside on the Dayton campus of the lockdown.

Where do I go to file a police report?

The Sinclair Police Department is located in Building 7, Room 112, next to the campus store. You can file a report at our station or call 937-512-2700 for an officer to meet you at the location.

Can Sinclair police officers make traffic stops on the street?

Yes. Under the Ohio Revised Code, Sinclair Police have jurisdiction on any adjacent roadway or property.

Where do I go for lost and found items?

Lost and Found is located at the Sinclair Police Department in Building 7, room 112, and is open during normal business hours. If the property involves valuables (i.e. wallets, credit cards, or other sensitive items) they can be picked up between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

+ Are we at higher risk of crime due to Sinclair's downtown location?

Sinclair Community College is located in the Dayton Police Department Central Business District (CBD) which has the lowest crime rate in Dayton. Although the jail could pose a problem with escapees, they are very rare. Also, inmates escaping from jail try to get as far away from the jail as they can. The college is in an excellent location for quick response from our officers and both the Dayton Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff's office.