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Network Engineering Security Associate NESA.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 16 Credit Hours

Division: Business and Public Services
Department: Computer Science and Information Technology
Effective as of Fall 2014

What is the program about?

This certificate will provide the student with state of the art network security skills taught using the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum. This program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to understand basic security threats and to configure and manage Cisco devices to provide appropriate network security. Cisco switches, routers, firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) methods will be used.

Program Outcomes

  • Describe the CIA (confidentiality, integrity and availability) Triad and its implication for system and network security. Explain and implement various methods of user authentication (passwords and related issues, biometric methods, security tokens, Kerberos and others). Assess and evaluate methods to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. Describe the role of policies, e.g., acceptable use policies, in enhancing organizational security.
  • Configure, monitor and maintain advanced router and firewall installations. Use this hardware to recognize and respond to attempted breaches of systems. Conduct network penetration tests and implement appropriate countermeasures.
  • Design trust and identity technology at Layer 2 and 3 of the OSI Model; identify basic concepts of a layered defense. Assess server and client system vulnerabilities and mitigate via effective patch management, access control methods, auditing and system hardening.
  • Configure and manage widely used protocols, such as, the Internet Protocol Secure (IPSec), Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) and HTTPS, to provide greater network security. Describe and defend against common attack vectors, such as, man in the middle (MITM) attacks, session hijacking, buffer overflows, spoofing, JavaScript and others.

Career Opportunities

Security analysts plan, implement, upgrade, or monitor security measures for the protection of computer networks and information. They may ensure appropriate security controls are in place that will safeguard digital files and vital electronic infrastructure. They may also be involved in the response to computer security breaches and viruses.


Cisco offers certification for those successfully completing their exams.


Course Title Credits
CIS 1107 Introduction to Operating Systems 3
CIS 1411 Cisco Network Fundamentals 3
CIS 2418 Cisco Security 3
CIS 2416 Routing & Switching Essentials 4
CIS 2640 Network Security 3
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