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Network Engineering Associate NEA.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 17 Credit Hours

Division: Business and Public Services
Department: Computer Science and Information Technology
Effective as of Fall 2023

What is the program about?

This certificate program will provide the student with state-of-the-art networking skills taught via the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum. The curriculum includes all aspects for an introductory network engineering position. This program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to understand and participate in basic networking design, installation, configuration and troubleshooting corporate network infrastructure. Included in this program are networking theory, Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, networking media, physical and logical design, maintaining networking equipment, designing and implementing internet protocol schemas, the basics of all current internal routing protocols, beginning security information and safety.

Program Outcomes

  • Employ basic cabling and network designs to build a simple Ethernet network using routers, switches and appropriate cabling. Demonstrate use of command-line interface (CLI) commands to perform basic router and switch configuration and verification, as well as network troubleshooting.
  • Describe the operations of reference models and identify the applications and services provided by the TCP/IP protocol suite. Demonstrate how communication works in data networks and the Internet.
  • Design an IP addressing scheme and configure distance-vector and link-state routing protocols in a small routed network. Use router show and debug commands to troubleshoot common errors that occur on small routed networks.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities in IT include entry-level positions such as network security analyst, network architect and network engineer.

Additional Information

This program is available in the following format:

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Course Title Credits
CIS 1107 Introduction to Operating Systems 3
CIS 1411 Introduction to Networks 3
CIS 2416 Routing & Switching Essentials 4
CIS 2421 Scaling Networks 4
CIS 2640 Network Security 3
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Program Accreditation Information

Not at this time.

This information is for planning purposes only. Sinclair College will make every effort to offer curriculum listed above but reserves the right to change, add and cancel curriculum offerings for unforeseen circumstances.