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Computer Science CS.S.AS

Associate of Science - 61 Credit Hours

Division: Business and Public Services
Department: Computer Science and Information Technology
Effective as of Fall 2019

What is the program about?

Course work will focus on giving students a foundational knowledge of computer science concepts such as mathematics and programming skills. Furthermore, this Associate of Science degree will provide students a much needed transfer pathway to Computer Science Bachelor Degrees at four-year universities. As part of this degree program, students must complete the requirements of the Ohio Transfer 36 in order to graduate.

Program Outcomes

  • Design, document and implement computer software solutions given definition of a problem and requirements for a solution.
  • Use operating system commands to manipulate files and directories and perform systems software troubleshooting.
  • Demonstrate ability to think logically solve problems using analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Career Opportunities

According to Ohio Bureau of Labor Information data, statewide increases of 18.1% for Software Developers; Applications, and 7.8% for Software Developers; Systems Software, are projected between 2014 and 2024. Workforce Supply Data from the Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation shows that, from 2015 to 2018, there were 1,460 Associate Degree computer program graduates and 2,986 Bachelor Degree graduates.


Course Title Credits
CIS 1111 Introduction to Problem Solving & Computer Programming 3
CIS 2212 Java Software Development I 3
CIS 2217 Java Software Development II 4
CIS 2266 (Python for Data Analytics) OR CIS 2207 (Data Structures & Algorithms) 3
COM 2211 Effective Public Speaking 3
ENG 1101 English Composition I 3
Ohio Transfer 36: Mathematics Elective 18
Ohio Transfer 36: Arts & Humanities Elective 6
Ohio Transfer 36: Natural & Physical Sciences Elective 9
Ohio Transfer 36: Social & Behavioral Sciences Elective 6
Multicultural Elective 3
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Program Accreditation Information

This degree is accredited by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

This information is for planning purposes only. Sinclair College will make every effort to offer curriculum listed above but reserves the right to change, add and cancel curriculum offerings for unforeseen circumstances.