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Smart Manufacturing at Mason

Automation and Control with Robotics and Internet of Things Programs Offered at Sinclair in Mason

If you are a technically oriented, hands-on student looking for employment opportunities in high technology manufacturing and industrial environments, one of our programs offered at the Mason campus may be for you!

SMART Manufacturing Skill Training image is depicting a young man apprentice in an orange color (industrial used) outfit, with a white color hard hard while leaning over some industrial equipment to read data that he is inputing on handheld device on hand


Automation & Control with Robotics programs focus on installation and troubleshooting of electrical and electronic systems, industrial programming for control applications, and state-of-the-art mechanical and robotic systems installation, modification and repair.

Internet of Things addresses the increasing connectivity of devices throughout industry and the home. Students learn micro-controller hardware, programming applications, networking, and security. Theoretical aspects are supported and supplemented by hands-on lab work to gain in-depth knowledge and necessary technical skills.

Sinclair is working with local employers to provide apprenticeships, providing opportunities to earn while you learn and gain valuable work experience.

Industrial Maintenance Fast Facts

840 Employers & 214 Jobs posted in the last 6 months. Statewide average annual wage $42,800 to 59,000. Complete in 1 year. Source: EMSI Q1 2021 data set


Job Opportunities in Southwest Ohio

There is a tremendous need for skilled automation and technology workers in the advanced manufacturing and supply chain industry. Terms such as Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Automation, and Industry 4.0 all describe the intersection of automated systems and computer networks. While many routine jobs have become automated, there are new high-paying jobs being created to design, program, and maintain these systems. You can start your career in this growing field today!

We are working closely with local employers to build apprenticeships for our students. Many students are gaining employment, including tuition sponsorship, before they even complete their program of study at Sinclair!

Sinclair is on the move, and at the community's request we have invested in and delivered many new workforce-aligned programs of study. We're especially thrilled to announce our new Smart Manufacturing programs at the Mason campus. Once again, Sinclair is "finding the need, and endeavoring to meet it" in our local community.